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Military How To
Combat Military

Horse Cavalry

World War 2

German Army
especially the
Eastern Front

Waffen SS

Vietnam War



Soviet Army


Special Warfare

Military Intelligence


Close Combat

Survival Tactics

African Wars

Political & Psychological

Cultural Warfare

Urban Warfighting


QuikManeuvers is committed to bringing
clear truth to the reading public. We provide
precisely researched, substantiated
espionage and military books about military
history , intelligence, and psychological
events, processes, and struggles. We cover
military how to and history ranging from
World War 2 and the Eastern Front to
Vietnam War secrets, through to current
war and intelligence on Muslim terrorism.

Our writers are expert, experienced and
grounded in common sense.
Military How To Publications
Selling Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Military History Books about Vietnam Secrets and World War 2 Eastern Front
(1) we state the facts clearly so that they
may be easily understood

(2) we reveal secrets that have been
covered up, distorted, or ignored.
Military History and Espionage Books For Sale
Espionage and Military History Books

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QuikManeuvers Espionage and Military E-Books
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QuikManeuvers is dedicated to selling unique espionage and  military history e-books.
We emphasize reader understanding, which means that our books are military how to books.
Whether we are spotlighting
Vietnam War secrets, terrorism espionage analysis, or the World War 2 SS, our books reveal
information that the reader cannot find elsewhere. We approach history from a psychological standpoint. For example, we unveil
war intelligence in ways that enlighten and empower the reader. The same goes for our Eastern Front 1941 to 1945
publications, which are much more than historical treatise. Visitors to our site can access free newsletters about intelligence,
the military, and terrorism, as well as military and espionage predictions.
Green = Breaker McCoy Titles
Red = NEW Breaker McCoy Titles
Dark Blue = Wolf Steiner Titles
Purple = Other Authors

1st Panzer Division

10th SS Panzer Division Combat

150 Questions to a Guerrilla

The 15th Panzer Grenadier Division at War NEW

17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division

21st Panzer Division Attack

291st Combat Infantry Division

The 353rd Infantry Division’s Glory

503rd SS Tiger Battalion

5th SS Viking Division

6th Panzer Division Glory Vol 1: 1940-41

6th Panzer Division Glory Vol 2: 1942-45

6th SS Mountain Division

7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound

Achtung Cavalry

Afghan vs. Soviet Tactics

Afghanistan, the Next US Defeat

Africa Corps, Achtung

African Desant

Al Qaeda Terror Training Manual

Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession

American Vietnam War Traitors

Anti-Partisan Operations in WW2 Croatia

Anti-Partisan Warfare, Yugoslavia


Artillery in the City

Assault Pioneers Advance

Axis Assault Pioneers

Attacking the Viet Cong: Twilight Zone

Axis Horse Cavalry: Riders on the Storm

Barbarossa Breakthrough

Barbarossa Trap

Battle for East Prussia

Battle of Lenino

The Battle of Manila: 2/1945

Battles of Bloody & Heartbreak Ridge

Bayonet Quick Thrust

Bayonets and Blood

Behind Enemy Lines: Desant Warfighting

Bicycle Infantry in War

Blood Reckoning

Bloody Leningrad Front

Bodyguard Professional Methods

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

British Army Counter Terror Concepts

British Commando Handbook

Budapest Defense 1944

Bureaucrat Generals

Caching for Survival

Car Bomb Survival

Center of Gravity

Charisma’s Political Power

Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics

Chechnyan War Secrets

Chinese Communist Assault Infantry

CIA Analysts, an Expose

CIA Deception Maxims

CIA Lock Picking

CIA: Mirror Imaging

CIA Secrets

City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat NEW

City Fighting: Streets of Fire

Close Assault

Close Combat: Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War

Combat General: Warlord

Combat Generals: High Command

Combat General's Battle Book

Combat Intelligence Iraq, 2006 - Volume 1

Combat Intelligence Iraq, 2006 - Volume 2

Combat Silencers

Combat Sniping and Resistance Close Combat

Combat Snipers

Combat Tracking

Commando Raid


Commissars at War

Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing

Communist Uprising in Sri Lanka

Competent Generals

Comrade Nelson Mandela, Communist

Conquest of Brest-Litovsk 1941

Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies

Counter Guerrilla Combat

Counter Spy

Counter Terrorist Intelligence

Coup D'etat: Backstabbing  

Cryptanalysis Made Easy

Cultural and Ideological Influence

D-Day Combat

Deadly Snipers

Death of Freedom in South Africa

Death on Bougainville

Deception: Double Meaning / Triple Cross

Defeat of the German Luftwaffe

The Demyansk and Kholm Pockets

The Devil’s Brigade

Direct Action

Dominant Snipers

Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Eastern Front Artillery Tactics

Eastern Front Battlefields

Eastern Front: Daring Thrust; Deep Battle

Eben Emael, 15-Minute Conquest

Electronic Bugging and Debugging

Elite Combat: Share the Pain; Share the Glory

Elite Infantry of South Africa

Espionage Course

Espionage: Divine Manipulation of the Threads

Espionage Manual 1-Soviet Spy Methods

Espionage Manual 2-Hindu vs. Muslim Espionage

Espionage Manual 3-Chinese Communist Espionage

Espionage Manual 4-Aspects of Counter Intelligence

Espionage Manual 5-Spy Interrogation

Espionage Manual 6-Soviet Defector and Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 7-Active Measures

Espionage Manual 8-Red Residentura

Espionage Manual 9-Soviet Spy Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 10-Secrets of KGB Spy Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 11-International Spy Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 12-Russian Spy Tricks

Espionage Manual 13-Achtung Abwehr

Espionage Manual 14-GRU Training & Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 15-Tricking the CIA

Espionage Manual 16-Soviet Subversion of Germany

Espionage Manual 17-Communist Spy Chief

Espionage Manual 18-Communist Spy Webs

Esp. Manual 19-Espionage Manual for Amateurs

Espionage Manual 20-Double Agents & Penetration

Espionage Manual 21-Defectors

Espionage Manual 22-Soviet Spy Purges

Espionage Manual 23-Spy Secret Communication

Espionage Manual 24-Pakistan's Inter-Services Intell

Espionage Manual 25-Stasi's Strange Story

Espionage Manual 26-British Intelligence

Espionage Manual 27-Spy Management Tradecraft

Espionage Manual 28-CIA in the Orient

Espionage Manual 29-CIA Research Mindset

Espionage Manual 30-NKVD Soviet Espionage

Espionage Manual 31-Commie Spies, US Traitors

Espionage Manual 32-Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling

Esp. Manual 33-Czechoslovak Military Intelligence

Espionage Manual 34-Polish Espionage Secrets

Espionage Manual 35-Inside Russian Espionage

Espionage Manual 36-Soviet GRU Spy Cover

Espionage Manual 37 - KGB Opportunistic Intelligence

Espionage Manual 38 - Double Agent Operations and CIA

Espionage Man. 39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies

Espionage Manual 40 - Soviet Spy Revelations

Espionage Manual 41 - What We Learned From Spies

Espionage Spycraft

Exposing American Intelligence

Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Volume 1

Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Volume 2

Family Survival: Extreme Conditions

FBI Communist Muslimism

FBI Counterespionage Failure

FBI Treason Conspiracy

Finnish Army Continuation War

Finnish Front Close Combat

Five Dictatorships’ Armed Forces

Flying Columns in War

Forest Battle Tactics

Fortress Berlin

Forward Detachment War

French-Algerian War Secrets

French Cavalry 1940

French Indochina Army Tactics

French Indochina War, Fortifications

French Methodical Battle

French Paratroop War, Indochina

French Psychological Warfare: Algeria

French SS Division Charlemagne

General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics

General Tactics

Generals Gone Bad

General’s Guide to War

Generals Led by Staffs

German 1st Mountain Division’s Caucasus Saga

German 12th Infantry Division

German 3rd Parachute Division

German Anti-Partisan Tactic

German Army 101st Light Division

German Army Anti-Partisan Operations

German Army Anzio

German Army Allies: The Assault Generation

German Army Combat Doctrine

German Army Combat Facts

German Army Conquest of Yugoslavia

German Army Defense of Berlin

German Army Defensive War

German Army Eastern Defenses

German Army Eastern Front Weaknesses

German Army Field Fortifications

German Army Foreign Combat Divisions

German Army Fortification Secrets

German Army Individual Tank Killers

German Army Infantry Regiment Attack

German Army Minefields

German Army Morale Compared

German Army Motorized Infantry Regiment

German Army Mountain Warfare

German Army Operational Level Defense

German Army Pocket Book

German Army Recon, WW2

German Army SIGINT

German Army Smoke Screens

German Army Special Tactics

German Army Tactics, WW2

German Army Training

German Army Volkssturm Units

German Army vs. Soviet Partisans

A German Army Waits in Normandy

German Army Warrior Officers

German Assault Engineer Battles

German Assault Grenadiers

German Assault Pioneers, Eastern Front

German Balkan Campaign

German Battle Leadership

German Battlefield Intelligence

German Bicycle Tactics

German Close Assault Antitank Tactics

German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics

German Combat Engineers, 1939-40

German Corps Defends Donets River

German Counterguerrilla Warfare in Greece

German Defensive Methods

German English Military Dictionary

German General Albert Kesselring

German General Staff Deception

German Generals Explain War   

German High Seas Fleet

German Horse Cavalry & Mechanization

German Infantry Invade Russia

German Luftwaffe Air Combat

German Luftwaffe Flak

German Machine Gun Tactics

German Military Symbols

German Motorcycle Battalions

German Mountain Combat

German Naval War WW2

German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad

German Panzers Normandy, 1944

German Panzers Defending Hungary

German Paratroop Assault

German Paratroop Operations

German POWs in Soviet Camps

German Rifle Squad

German Snipers: Death by Precision Fire

The German Spy System

German Squad in Combat

German Strongpoints, Eastern Front

German Tactical Position Defense

Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism

Germany’s Allied Armies, East Front

Germany’s Antitank Weakness

Gestapo Counter Espionage

Glory of Stalingrad


Guadalcanal Campaign

Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook

Herman Goring Panzer Division

Hezbollah Terrorists

Hezbollah's False Victory

Hiding Evidence

Hitler Psychoanalyzed

Hitler Youth Training

Hitler Youth War

Hitler’s Commandos

Hitler's Elite Shock Troops

Hitler's Halls of Vahalla - Volume 1

Halls of Valhalla - Volume 2

Hitler’s Generals, 1943

Hitler's Last Campaigns

Hitler's Last Ditch, 1945

Hitler's Rotted Traitor’s Edifice

Hitler's Shadow War

Hitler’s Ski Troops

Horse Cavalry, Red Army World War II

How To Be A Propagandist

How to Deceive the Enemy

How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia

Human Wave


HUMINT and War


Hunter-Killer Team Operations

Imperial Japanese Army Cavalry

Imperial Japanese Army Joint Operations

Imperial Japanese Army Secrets

Imperial Japanese Conquer Burma

Imperial Japanese Espionage

Imperial Japanese Jungle Survival

Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign

In Stalin’s Secret Service

Incompetent Generals

Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I  

Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists

Indian Special Forces Combat Diary

India’s Kargil Mountain Victory

Indochina: Priests of a Dead God

Infantry and Panzer Tactics

Infantry Infiltration

Infantry Penetration

Inside Special Operations Forces

Inside the German General Staff

Intelligence Analytic Tools

Intelligence Interrogation

Intelligence Moles and Amateurs

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Interrogating Soviet Spies

IRA and British Intelligence

IRA Green Book

IRA’s General Michael Collins

IRA Targeted Liquidation

IRA Terror Shock Action

IRA Terrorism

The IRA vs. the British

Iranian Human Wave

Iraqi Terrorists

Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook

Islamic Assassins

Islamic Death Squads

Israeli Army Demoralization

Israeli Targeted Liquidation

Italian Army Blood

Italian Paratroops

Japanese Air War, WW2

Japanese Armored Operations

Japanese Army Infantry Combat

Japanese Army Invincibility Myth

Japanese Army Snipers

Japanese Counterinsurgency, WW2

Japanese Diversionary Tactics

Japanese Paratroopers

Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s

Japanese Tank Hunting Tactics

Jungle Fighter Survival

Kaiserschlacht: German 1918 Offensive

Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army

KGB Spy Secrets

Kharkov's Red Streets

Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS

Kiev Cauldron, 1941

Korean War Combat: 1950-51

Kremlin Bodyguards

Kursk, What Really Happened?

Kwantung Army

Lancers Charge

Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite

Leftist Feudalism, America

Leftist Support for African Terrorism

Lone Wolf Sabotage

Loyalty is My Honor

Lvov-Sandomierz Campaign

Manila Urban Defense, 1945

Man Tracking

ManTracker Warfighter

Masculine Beauty Contestants

Mau Mau Terror

Meeting Engagements

MG-34 German Machine Gun

Military Intel Unveiled

Military Intelligence Templating

Military Skiing

Million Corpses to Berlin

Mobile Command

Moscow Rules

Mossad’s Espionage

Mountain Tracking & Combat Skill

Murmansk Front

Murmansk Front II

Muslim Murder Traditions

Muslim Snipers, Iraq

Narva, Estonia and The Waffen SS

National Security Agency, Echelon

NKVD Secret Police

NKVD Special Operations

NKVD Terror

Non-Linear War

North Korean Battle Tactics

Organizational Weapon I

Organizing a Subversive Underground

Ortona Battle, Italy 1944

Panzer Combat

Panzer Elite

Panzer Endkampf

Panzer General was a Traitor

Panzer Grenadiers of the SS

Panzer Lehr Division

Panzer Tactics

Partisan War: Poland

Peaceful Protest and Self Defense

Political Warfare Trickery

Precision Fire Sniper Kill  

Principles of Red Army Combat

Principles of Strategy?

Psychopolitical Brainwashing

The Punch Below the Belt

Pursuit Commandos

Ranger Companies in Korea

Rangers: Afghanistan and Iraq

Rear Area Security in Russia

Reconnaissance in Iraq

Red Air Force Fighters: WW2

Red Armor Advance

Red Army Assault Gun Tactics

Red Army Battles Ukrainian SS Division

Red Army Cavalry, Eastern Front

Red Army City Fighting

Red Army of Conquest

Red Army of Darkness

Red Army Night Ops

Red Army Scientific War

Red Army Scout, Razvedchik

Red Army Ski Troops

Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics

Red Army Sniper Tactics

Red Army T-34 Tank

Red Army Tactics

Red Army Unburied Dead

Red Army Urban Combat

Red Army Warfighting

Red Blitzkrieg: Soviet Operational Art in War - V 1

Red Blitzkrieg: Soviet Operational Art in War - V 2

Red Cavalry Forward

Red Intelligence: Vietnam War

Red Partisan Manual

Red Primer for Children and Diplomats

Red Star Over Africa

Red Terror's Bloody Reprisal

Rhodesia: Parade Grounds of the Dead

Rhodesia’s Grey’s Scouts  

Rhodesian African Rifles’ False Acclaim

Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver

Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy

Rhodesian Special Forces  

Rifle Squads, World War II

The Russian Army, 1944

Russian Army Combat Thinking

Russian Army Mountain War

Russian Paratroops, World War IV

Russian Special Forces


Scouts and Reconnaissance

Secret Document Access

Secret Pentagon Intelligence

Secret Wehrmacht in Russia

Secrets of Brainwashing

Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices

Secrets of Japanese Espionage

Secrets of Soviet Mountain Combat

Secrets of Stalingrad

Secrets of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Secrets of the Red Army's Afghanistan War

Secrets of the SAS

Selous Scout Tracking

Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2

Shock Action and Close Combat

Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando

Smashing Constitutional Rights

Solomon Islands Combat

South African Flying Columns

Soviet Afghanistan War

Soviet Analysis of US Bombing Operations

Soviet Antitank Fronts

Soviet Armored Train Tactics

Soviet Army Tank War

Soviet Army War Book

Soviet Artillery Tactics

Soviet Battles in Afghanistan

Soviet Combat Aerosleigh Battalions

Soviet Combat Engineers

Soviet Direct-Fire Artillery

Soviet Encirclement of Germans

Soviet Fortified Regions Analysis

Soviet Front Encirclement Operations

Soviet Invasion of Germany: 1919-39

Soviet Military Imperialism

Soviet Naval Combat, WW2

Soviet Naval Infantry

Soviet Operational Defense

Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand

Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics

Soviet Partisans: The Truth

Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets

Soviet Razvedka Secrets

Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics

Soviet Secret Army

Soviet Sniperism

Soviet SpyMaster Manual

Soviet Spy Manual: Target America

Soviet Tank Tactics, Eastern Front

Soviet Thunder from the East

Special Forces Cryptology Course

Special Forces Reconnaissance

Special Forces Use of Pack Animals

Special Operations 2007

Special Operations Executive Disguise Manual

Spetsnaz Desant

Spetsnaz, Direct Action

Spy Report, KGB

Squad Tactical Combat Training

SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front

SS Parabellum

SS Paratroops Attack

SS Viking Division Drang

SS Werewolves Hoax

Stalingrad Campaign

Stalingrad, Cover-Up

Stalingrad Legacy

Stalingrad's Red Army Secret

Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor

Subterranean Warfighting Blues

Surveillance Manual 2006

Survival Water

Survive or Die

Surviving in the City

Swamp Combat WW2

Swamp Survival

The Symbionese Liberation Army

Tanks in the City

Tao of Torture

Terror and Sabotage

Terror Tunnels

Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies

Third Reich Coup D’ Etat  

Third Reich ICBMs

Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors, WW2

Tips for Tankers on Defeating Soviet Armor

To Catch a Tank

Torture: Pain Dialectics

Tradecraft Primer: US Intelligence

Traitors in the CIA

Traitors of the Third Reich

The Trust Conspiracy

Underground Subversive Operations

Urban Defense: East Front

Urban Kill Zone

US Army Rangers, Endkamp

US Army Regiment Annihilated

US Army Thunder on the Euphrates

US Intelligence: Vietnam War

US Long Range Reconnaissance

USMC Disgraced

US Military Intelligence Failure

USMC Dishonored

USMC Warfighting Manual

USSR Militia Close Combat: Club, Knife, Shovel

US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy

Velikiye Luki Encirclement

Vengeance: American Resistance 1

Vengeance: American Resistance 2

Vengeance: American Resistance 3

Vengeance: American Resistance 4

Vietnam Terror

Vietnam Vendetta

Violence of Action

Volkhov's Unburied Dead

Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia

Waffen SS Cavalry

Waffen SS Foreign Units

Waffen SS Officer Training

War Clandestinity

The Warrior’s Load

Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual

Wehrmacht Identification Handbook

Wehrmacht Radio Interception

The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies

West Side Boyz: African Black Racist Murder Gang

What is a Beautiful Woman

White Ghosts in the Snow

Who’s Watching You

Winter of the Corpses

Winter Warfare, Russian Front

Women Spies

World War 2 Axis Interrogation
Military History and Espionage
Publications for Purchase
QuikManeuvers historical investigative
reporters produce material that
you can find nowhere else.
Our unique
publications include secret
or unknown historical facts combined
with expert analysis.
Our staff includes experts on military
political, and psychological warfare,
as well as
espionage, counter-espionage,
and deception.
We go beyond statements that are
commonly parroted as facts, and delve
deep to find
the truth behind the façade.

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Eastern Front and Vietnam War Secrets
War Intelligence Publications and Books for Sale
Quikmaneuvers’ publications offer over
eighty books for the war game
enthusiasts. Our books (many of which
are written by war game enthusiasts) are
replete with stories of battles (scenarios),
orders of battles, discussions of leaders,
run downs on weapons, the psychology of
opposing forces, and many other factors
related to a plethora of war game topics.
Click Here for more war game military
history information.
Quikmaneuvers’ publications
have the facts
that re-enactors need.
We specialize in armed struggles between
1930 and 2008+.
Within our books re-enactors can find
complete details about the organization,
tactics, and weapons of many different
warring antagonists. We also provide
special studies for re-enactors.
Click Here
for more re-enactment military history
Your traitor series and books on unique subjects like
African Desant, are truly unique books. Your style and
analysis are both superb.
Bill Parrish—San Francisco, CA
Most books on special warfare and special forces operations are first person biographies.
It's hard to find books that coverall of the relevant details and explain the human side as well.
Quikmaneuvers books on special warfare have afforded methe opportunity to learn about the
Brandenburgers, the Selous Scouts, the British and Rhodesian SAS, the NVA Sappers, and
the best of them all the US Army Special Forces. I’m intrigued.
John—Chattanooga, TN
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QuikManeuvers National Service Credo

QuikManeuvers is providing a historical service. We are cataloging the political,
military, and intelligence mistakes and sabotage which are being made in the 21st
century. Those mistakes and sabotage are destroying the freedom of the United
States. Our books are historical artifacts...
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I think I'm developing an addiction to your work!  But you have stuff I can't conveniently find
Soviet Scientific War book was excellent.
Major Jackson,
US Army—Europe
Your site is very interesting, you can find some themes not easy to find in books or research,
esp. topics like the snipers, blitzkrieg story, military train etc.
Additionally the stories of modern snipers like in IRAQ, is very interesting to
complement unknown areas.
Excellent site for the people who want to know other fields.
M. Szatola
I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you are doing…
…allow me to congratulate you for opening an historical window.
Dr. De Corso—Venezuela
Indochina: Priests of a Dead God is an excellent book,and very useful to me.
Dr. of History—Spain
Your books on Soviet Axis and German horse cavalry on
the Eastern Front were a great assistance to me.
General—US Army
American citizens who understand the nuts and bolts of protracted cultural
and ideological warfare (from 1914 to present day) are in the best position to
protect themselves and their families. The reader of
our books and publications becomes better able to survive
in a violent terrorist environment.

Most public information on warfare, espionage, and military diplomacy
emanates from pontificating journalists who filter all data through their
political correctness bias. As a result, they deprive the public of
important military and espionage knowledge, which renders the
ordinary citizen too ignorant to make meaningful democratic judgments
about war. We provide factual historical material untwisted
by leftist ideological bigotry.

Right now, western civilization is involved in a world war to the death.
If you read our books, you will have a basic framework for understanding
that will allow you to critically evaluate what you receive from the ignorant
media. Such knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions, and
remain the type of freethinking American citizen that the left and muslim
imperialists despise.
Espionage and Military Books for Sale
Espionage and Military Books for Sale
Read and Survive
Have you ever wondered about
what is really going on in the world
of espionage or intelligence?
Would you like to know why
America’s intelligence agencies
are simultaneously the most
expensive and the least effective
in the entire world?
Espionage and Intelligence E-Books
Soon, QuikManeuvers will be offering 300 e-books in its amazing library
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espionage or intelligence. We offer over 50 books discussing every
aspect of intelligence including World War II’s Abwehr, Japanese, OSS
and SIS intelligence agencies. We also provide sensational information
on: America’s bumbling Central Intelligence Agency and Military
Intelligence, Soviet/Russian GRU, KGB, NKVD and SVR, Israeli Mossad
and Shin Bet, Britain’s MI-6 and MI-5, as well as China’s, India’s, and
Pakistan’s intelligence.

Reading QuikManeuvers’ espionage library will teach you the arts of
espionage including: the ins and outs of HUMINT, tradecraft,
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The best intelligence agencies in the world are described in detail in
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Military Intelligence.
Quikmaneuvers’ Publications has the
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in answer to those questions, and a whole
lot more. We sell many espionage books
both nationally and internationally (Can a
billion Chinese really be wrong?).
Tactics of Free America's
Unconventional Warfighting
Espionage and Counter
The Bayonets of
Conventional War
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Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
QuikManeuvers: Electronic Books of Unique Content
Anyone who is interested in military and/or espionage history will usually read
several books on his/her favorite area of interest. After a while he will begin to
realize that all American books written about the same battle or spy ring, for
example, offer the same explanation of events. The veteran student of war or
espionage will soon notice an incredible pattern of control that extends
through all books, the History Channel on television, books sold on the
internet, and in movies. The same story is told about every battle, campaign
and espionage incident.
Only the veteran reader who has a basic knowledge of a specific aspect of
war or espionage will ask himself, “why is all information published in America
essentially the same in regards to any specific subject?  Why is so much of
history ignored by the books that publishing, internet and media managers
allow to reach the public?” It seems as
if the few basic facts are always the
same and the conclusions drawn from
those facts are just as similar.

Much Historical Truth Remains Hidden
If you are a reader who has noticed
those patterns of controlled content
and restricted information, have you
ever wanted to know more? Have you
ever wanted to read alternative analysis
of the same facts by experts? Have you
ever wanted to know those many facts
ignored by American information
managers that are found in rigorously
researched books throughout
the world, outside of the USA?

QuikManeuvers Searches For Truth
QuikManeuvers Publications was founded by a group of former officers and
NCOs of the US Army and Marine Corps. All are experienced in ground
combat operations and/or ground operations and
reconnaissance/intelligence. Most have advanced academic degrees in
history, and all have received specialized training in esoteric subjects of
warfighting and intelligence. Most importantly, all QuikManeuvers staff
personnel share an iron resolve to dig out and publish the truth about so
many aspects of war and espionage that are never written about or talked
about, publicly, in America. The QuikManeuvers staff is capable of translating
both German and Russian historical documents, a fact that greatly enhances
what we report to our readers. In addition we have sources all over the world
that provide us with information that is never publicly mentioned.

All  Quikmaneuvers  e-books fall into one of two categories:
(1) A few books that are published unchanged, with only editorial comments.
(2) Most of QuikManeuvers e-book are loaded with historical facts ignored by
mainline American information managers. In addition, the analysis of those
facts by experts, provides readers with interesting facts and uniquely new
understanding of history, unobtainable elsewhere.

QuikManeuvers Publications focuses all of its research and analysis on World
War II, the Vietnam War, Espionage, Conventional Warfighting, How To Be A
General, Special Warfare, Military Intelligence, Guerilla and Terrorist Warfare.
We have produced a number of books in each of the following categories of
  • The German Army and Waffen SS in World War II, especially combat experience
    and leadership on the Eastern Front
  • The Soviet/Russian Army in World War II, Afghanistan and Central Asia
  • German Espionage in World War II.
  • Soviet/Russian Espionage, World War II through 2007
  • The US Army and Marine Corps Versus the North Vietnamese Army in Vietnam
  • Sabotage of the Vietnam War Effort By American Traitors.
  • The Influence of Traitors on: World War II, the Vietnam War, the Rhodesian War,
    the South African War, and the modern war in Afghanistan and Iraq,
  • Special Warfare, Snipers and Combat Tracking From World War II Through 2007.
  • Espionage and HUMINT, World War II through 2007.
  • Horse Cavalry in World War II and the wars in Africa.
  • French Revolutionary War, Algeria and Indochina
  • Muslim Assassination Cults, Death Squads and Terrorist groups, 1940-2007
  • Israeli Intelligence, Army and Counter Terror Efforts, 1960s-2007
  • Ski Troops in World War II
  • Japanese Army and Intelligence in World War II
  • The Provisional Irish Republican Army
  • The British SAS
  • Armored and Light Infantry warfare, World War II to 2007
  • How To Be a Combat General: World War II to 2007
  • The Psychology and true nature of the CIA, USMC and US Army in 2007
  • Secrets of Political and Psychological Warfare
If you are a supporter of political correctness, muslim imperialism, and similar
leftist bigotry then you should look elsewhere. If you want to read historical
truth and totally unique expert analysis, then QuikManeuvers is for you.

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QuikManeuvers.com, as a publisher of historical documents, has
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the evil empire of the former Soviet Union.
Through that research, we have a developed a great
deal of respect and support for the scientific discipline of
Battlefield Archaeology.

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Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Fireside Chat
Military History
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
There is Hope in War.
Slavery is Finalized Only in Peacetime.
...robs the working man
to fund the parasites.
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
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Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books

The 15th Panzer Grenadier Division at War
Reliable and Relentless Valor and Glory

City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat
A Comparison of the Experiences
of 5 Nations
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World War II Military Intelligence Bulletins

E-book Versions of Actual World War II
War Department Publications from
World War II Military Intelligence Bulletin from War Department
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Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Beware of Traitors
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Americans are now under the thumb of a Marxist dictatorship.
Instead of having enough character to restore the freedom that their
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But what of the hundreds of millions who want to be free?
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Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Wishful Warcraft
Political and Psychological Warfare
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
Unique Espionage and Military History E-Books
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Espionage and Military History Warriors
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Read Breaker McCoy's reviews of other authors' books
about World War II.

Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organizational and Statistical Analysis and
Military Simulation, Volume I by Nigel Askey

Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organizational and Statistical Analysis and
Military Simulation, Volume II by Nigel Askey

QuikManeuvers.com is the Internet authority on World War II, with the caveat
that we emphasize heretofore unpublished information about WWII's
Wehrmacht and the Soviet Army. However, we also cover many other aspects
of war and espionage; from Napoleon through the modern era (see the
categories on our web site). We focus on historic information that cannot be
obtained elsewhere in any so-called current history books/channels or phony
Internet “history blogs,” where the truth is suppressed for political reasons.
For the most part, we view most written history in the USA as propaganda,
unrelated to reality. Contemporary historians are increasingly obscuring the
facts upon which truth about the past is built.

QuikManeuvers.com offers a devastating expose of these maniacal forces of
medieval totalitarianism by presenting the real facts in over 500 ground-
breaking manuscripts. Radical communist, afrocentric, and islamic-imperialist
propagandists have attempted to replace the learning of traditional history
with their own political agenda, and they have already replaced large chunks
of history with ignorant, self-serving propaganda. QuikManeuvers.com rejects
such criminal Stalinism along with several brave new current authors such as
Keith Windschuttle, who wrote
The Killing of History.

That is why you will find accurate, documented information in our library.
Most of our books include information that has been ignored or suppressed
by the biased establishment now controlling information in America.
In addition, viewing our e-books as artifacts of martial art, our experts
produce documents that seek to introduce appropriate frames of reference
for understanding by answering historic questions like: "Who are the key
persons?" "How did they think?" “What role did their ideology play in their
behavior?” "What really happened?" "How is their psychology structured
through their influence-seeking organizations?" and “Why is
Western Civilization so consistently smeared, suppressed and rewritten in
rhythm with a media/“academic” drumfire of ideological hatred
that has settled its genocidal cross hairs on the feeble and naive white race?”
Our manuscripts are user-friendly and earmarked for a variety of reader
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Others, who have reached intuitive levels of expertness as a result of
training and experience, mention the refinement of a newer, sharper-edged
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