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10th SS Panzer Division
10th SS Panzer Division Combat
10th SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg"
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327 pages; 18 chapters, 9 appendixes, and 1 special report
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10th SS Panzer Division Combat is a unique e-book about an above
SS Panzer Division that fought in some of the most important battles
of World War II. The
10th SS Panzer Division fought on both the Eastern and
Western Fronts as part of the vaunted
2nd SS Panzer Corps. Since the 10th
SS Panzer Division “Frundsberg”
was created in 1943, it fought mostly
defensive battles during its two years of life. Yet,
10th SS Panzer Division
was as tough and gritty as the combat of any German panzer
and more hard-fought than many. 10th SS Panzer Division Combat
is the story of a little-known
panzer division that made its country proud.
"The German nation had full justification for alarm as the first Allied patrols crossed their western border in late 1944. The
military situation still was chaotic, but the ingredients for defensive stabilization were present. In the north, for example,
opposite the British and the First US Army, though the German Seventh and Fifteenth Armies were skeletons, the
German army and corps staffs still functioned and each army had at least ten division staffs capable of attempting to
execute tactical assignments. Upon news of the fall of Antwerp, Hitler had rushed to the Netherlands, the headquarters of
a training command, the First Parachute Army, to fill the gap between the Seventh and Fifteenth Armies. Though the
excellent First Parachute Army brought with it little more than its own headquarters, it was able in a matter of days to
borrow, confiscate from the retreating masses, or otherwise obtain functioning staffs of one corps and several divisions.
Winning a war with a setup like this might be impossible, but it could be effective in stopping an overextended attacker
long enough to permit creation of something better.
During the second half of 1944, the skeletons of some 35 burned out German divisions were refitted and returned to the
front as the new Volksgrenadier divisions. At the same time, the 10th SS Panzer Division was, like other first line panzer
divisions, reinforced and replenished for future combat. The German military rebuilding effort was a masterpiece of
ingenuity, organization and dedication.
The German Replacement Army, that had sabotaged the Third Reich war effort for over four years, furnished 15 more
divisions. By the end of the year, 50 German Volksgrenadier divisions had reached either the Eastern or Western Fronts.
The caliber and training of the new German replacements left something to be desired, because all German Army traitors
had not been rubbed out by late 1944. Yet the German military was much like the giant Antaeus, who regained his
strength whenever he touched his mother earth. Now the sacred earth of GrossDeutschland was threatened as the
10th SS Panzer Division strained at its leashes, waiting for the time when Hitler would again “cry havoc and release the
dogs of war”."
Excerpt from 10th SS Panzer Division Combat
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10th SS Panzer Division