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150 Questions to a Guerrilla
150 Questions to a Guerrilla
(written by Alberto Bayo, with a new introduction by Breaker McCoy)
© 2008
55 pages
150 Questions to a Guerrilla is an e-book that was written by a Spanish communist
many years ago.
150 Questions to a Guerrilla is famous because the author,
Alberto Bayo trained the
leftist guerrilla icon, the bumbling communist known as
Che Guevara
and also Fidel Castro. (The Cisco Kid and Pancho knew more about
insurgency than they did.)
150 Questions to a Guerrilla is a historic artifact, in
which the reader can learn what type of thinking influenced some of the most
notorious communists of all time. Any intelligent reader of
150 Questions to a
and the writings of Che Guevara will realize that these men were not deep
thinkers or innovators. They functioned at the bottom of the barrel in the hierarchy of
military intellectualism. That is why it is fitting that the fanatic leftists hold them in such
adoration. Along with Playboy magazine,
Che Guevara and Alberto Bayo are the
iconic vanguards of the left. Infamous Marxists, such as Hussein Obama, prominently
Che Guevara’s portrait in their election campaign offices. 150 Questions
to a Guerrilla
includes not only the questions, but the answers too. Isn’t that enough
gringo hombre?
"11. What weapons should a guerrilla unit carry?
The unit should be equipped with the same type of rifles to facilitate the supply of ammunition, and in addition, it is good
to have a light machine gun which is always useful in our operations. Each guerrilla should always carry his own first-aid
kit, canteen, a watch synchronized with the unit leader's, and many need field glasses. A guerrilla should also wear as a
belt a rope some six feet long which can be used at night by a companion who holds on to one end thus not losing
contact with his unit. This "tail" is worn wound around the waist. The part left over is what his companion, following behind,
holds on to. No one is ever lost this way, no matter how dark the night is. It can be used in scaling peaks, crossing rivers,
and for tying up bundles of firewood.

12. How should the guerrilla unit be equipped?
Its men should have good heavy shoes with thick soles and count on one good compass per unit. These are
indispensable. Maps of the sector should always be available in order not to have to ask directions of any peasant. But if
necessary he should only be used to confirm data already on the map.

13. How should a guerrilla unit be organized?
Exactly like an army corps, with its staff, its different positions and responsibilities filled by guerrillas so all the work does
not fall on one man. Therefore the guerrilla unit is composed of the following sections: intelligence, operations, sabotage
recruiting, training, armament, munitions, quartermaster, sanitation, and propaganda."
Excerpt from 150 Questions to a Guerrilla
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150 Questions to a Guerrilla