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1st Panzer Division - The Best-Trained Panzer Division
1st Panzer Division
The Best-Trained Panzer Division
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334 pages; 21 chapters and 6 appendices
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1st Panzer Division is an e-book about the 1st Panzer Division, a
glorious fighting force, which was also
Germany’s best-trained panzer
In battle after battle, the 1st Panzer Division was not only
reliable, but its leadership was regularly triumphant against massive odds.
As the
1st Panzer Division smashed forward with its guns spitting in
every direction, the ranks of entire Soviet divisions lay in its wake,
transformed from hordes of zealots to mounds of corpses. The
Panzer Division
never hesitated, never quavered, and fought on, even
when reduced to the size of a battalion. When it had to, the
1st Panzer
died where it stood after wreaking a terrible vengeance. Their
heritage is a model for any military that may exist in the future; one that
values professionalism and victory over the incompetence of those
bureaucrats in uniform that value only affirmative action, black racism,
Moslem stoogism, and communism.
"The bad road conditions, which had been mentioned before, made it much more difficult to bring up motorized elements
in support of the forces which had carried out the penetration. The attack was not fully resumed until 3 October, after a
direct agreement had been reached with LVI Panzer Corps that elements of the 1st Panzer Division be moved up via
Novoselki in the direction of Bely.
At first, the 6th Infantry Division was committed to the left of the 1st Panzer Division. However, after the swampy terrain
had been overcome, these two divisions were interchanged, and jumped off immediately, mostly in an eastern direction.
The attack of the 1st Panzer Division made good progress at first, but bogged down southwest of Bely, in front of a
well-fortified and stubbornly defended enemy position. Then exhibiting an unstoppable will to victory, the 1st Panzer
Division smashed through the heavily defended communist fortified zone complicated by impassable bogs and swamps."
Excerpt from 1st Panzer Division

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1st Panzer Division - The Best-Trained Panzer Division