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21st Panzer Division Attack Battles and Combat Acheivements
21st Panzer Division Attack
Panzer Division Combat
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202 pages; 15 chapters and 8 appendixes
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21st Panzer Division Attack is an e-book which describes in bloody detail the many
battles and achievements of the
21st Panzer Division from mid 1944 to the end of
the World War II. Perhaps one of the most compelling sections of the e-book
Panzer Division Attack
is the story of how the division’s own personnel modified
rusty French armored fighting vehicles
into a very powerful German combat
multiplier for the division. Amazing
21st Panzer Division personnel constructed
assault gun battalions, armored personnel carrier battalions, multiple rocket
launchers, self propelled artillery battalions, and other
amazing but very useful
armored fighting vehicles
of their own creation. Thus the 21st Panzer Division
became the
strongest Heer (German Army) panzer division in Normandy, and
was the first to attack the allied landing. The
21st Panzer Division was a unique
division regardless of the status of its
armored fighting vehicles. 21st Panzer
Division Attack
is a unique e-book that will thrill and amaze you. Every chapter in the
e-book is heavily supported by facts and analysis given by German generals after the
war. Feel the exhilaration of a
21st Panzer Division Attack.
"The first German Panzer division to be engaged in Normandy was the 21st Panzer Division, located in the vicinity of
Caen. The disposition of this division on D-Day was a striking example of wretched Panzer tactics and the result of
Rommel's orders. Before the invasion started, the division was scattered in four groups and quartered on both sides of
the Orne River.
The 125th Panzer Grenadier Regiment, northeast of Caen, formed the first group; the 6th Airborne Division (British)
jumped into the midst of their billet area.
The second group-the division staff and the Panzer regiment, with one artillery battalion and weak elements of the
Panzerjager (antitank) battalion-was in reserve southeast of Caen.
The third group, consisting of a battalion of the 192nd Panzer Grenadier Regiment, was on the west bank of the Orne.
This battalion was attached to the 716th Infantry Division and was committed in the front-line positions along the coast.
Behind it was the bulk of the Panzerjager battalion. The 193rd Panzer Grenadier Regiment, less a battalion, was located
north of Caen."
Excerpt from 21st Panzer Division Attack
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21st Panzer Division Attack and their armored fighting vehicles