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291st Combat Infantry Division: Un-noticed German Elite Division
291st Combat Infantry Division
Un-Noticed German Elite Division
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310 pages; 17 chapters, 1 special report and 4 appendices
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The 291st Combat Infantry Division was exciting to watch, and the military
achievements scored by that un-noticed
German Army division marked it as elite.
Yet the
291st Combat Infantry Division was only one of several hundred German
infantry divisions
fighting on the Eastern Front, and the German Army did not
consider it to be anything more than normal. The
291st Combat Infantry Division
was like many other
German infantry divisions, in that had almost no antitank
capability and was forced to use horses for all its hauling and mobility.
But, the
291st Combat Infantry Division was special, its men were loyal and tough,
veteran professional soldiers. The e-book,
291st Combat Infantry Division, tells the
story of an unnoticed member of the
German Army mass that, like most humble
German Army combat divisions, was the best in the world, then and now. The
291st Combat Infantry Division fought for four years and died fighting, but it never
broke. It earned its place in Valhalla, and we are proud to tell what little is known of its
heroic saga.
"In the evening of 24th June Colonel Lohmeyer, with his 505th Infantry Regiment, was seven miles from Liepaja (aka
Libau). On 25th June he tried to take the town by a surprise attack. The infantrymen and sailors of a naval assault
detachment, under Lieutenant-Commander von Diest, subordinated to Lohmeyer, charged across the narrow neck of
land against the fortifications. But they did not get through.
A determined assault made by Kreigsmarine Lieutenant-Commander Schenke with German marines supported by the
530th Naval Artillery Detachment also failed to achieve any success. Before Lohmeyer was able to regroup his forces and
before the other two regiments of the division could be brought up, the Soviet garrison of Liepaja launched a
counter-attack. Communist combat units, supported by tanks, mounted repeated attacks, some of them right up to the
German gun positions."
Excerpt from 291st Combat Infantry Division

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291st Combat Infantry Division: Un-noticed German Elite Division