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503rd SS Tiger Battalion, Battalion History and Defense of Berlin
503rd SS Tiger Battalion
Battalion History and Defense of Berlin
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179 pages; 19 chapters and 3 appendixes
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German panzer battalions were not usually considered to be of
sufficient power and importance to be included on British Army
Order of Battle operational lists in World War II. However
(Tiger) Panzer Battalions
were included on Order of Battle lists
alongside of German divisional listings. The most feared of
German panzer units was the tiger battalions. One tiger
could wipe out the armor of a British tank Division.
Most feared of all heavy panzer battalions was the
SS Tiger
. This is the story of one of them, the 503rd SS Tiger
"Four Tigers B of the 503rd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion were positioned to interdict the main axis of advance of the Soviet
2nd Guard Tank Army’s thrust towards Strausberg on April 19, 1945.  Between 1400 and 1600 hours those four tanks
stalled the main advance of an entire Soviet tank army.
The four SS Tigers cost the reds 105 tanks and self propelled guns, which accounted for 14% of the overall losses (743
tanks and SPG) for the 1st Bielorussian Front in the first four days of the Berlin Operation. That high kill rate was
obtained with only four (4) SS tanks during a two hour fire-fight. Every SS Tiger killed one Soviet tank (burned-out) every
two minutes. The Soviet tank regiment equivalent was wiped out at an average range of 300-400 meters. The ratio of
defending SS tanks to killed Soviet tanks was 26 to 1.
Four Tiger tanks, including that of SS-Hauptscharführer (Sergeant First Class) Körner, fired from a defensive position to
kill 105 attacking Soviet tanks. (Some sources claim that SS-Hauptscharführer Körner was supporting German infantry
during a local counter-attack and in the process destroyed a refueling Soviet tank unit between Bollersdorf and Grunow.)
Körner's Tiger alone accounted for 51 of the enemy tanks, that is approximately one half of the 105 Soviet tanks
destroyed by the four Tigers."
Excerpt from 503rd SS Tiger Battalion

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The 503rd SS Tiger Battalion was a phenomenal combat unit with over 500 tank kills to its credit. 503rd SS Tiger Battalion
is an e-book that describes the many valiant
panzer battles of the 503rd SS Tiger Battalion in the last days of World War
II, as the
503rd SS Tiger Battalion carried out a fighting withdrawal from the rivers of Poland and Pomerania to Danzig and
then to the streets of Berlin itself. The story of the
503rd SS Tiger Battalion is one of oil, steel, cordite and fire. It is rotted
bodies smouldering in the streets and alley ways. Burned out tank hulks and everywhere…mounds of Red Army dead and
columns of blazing Red Army tanks.
503rd SS Tiger Battalion - History and Defense of Berlin