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7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound - Reliable Eastern Front Panzer Division
7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound
Reliable Eastern Front Panzer Division
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430 pages; 21 chapters and 6 appendices
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The German Army's 7th Panzer Division was a very unique panzer
that fought on the Eastern Front during most of its existence. From
its beginning it could be called:
7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound. For
some reason, even during last days of the Third Reich, the
7th Panzer
was the strongest German Army panzer division or among
the list of the strongest
panzer divisions. The e-book, 7th Panzer
Division, Glory Bound
explains why the 7th Panzer Division lived up to
its name and how it always was a reliable hard-fighting
panzer division.
No one who was fully informed could deny the sobriquet,
7th Panzer
Division, Glory Bound
, because that panzer division was always in the
thick of fighting in Belgium, France, Smolensk, Moscow, Kursk, Kharkov,
"The German panzer fist of six panzer divisions smashed through the Soviet line on 15 November, and while LSSAH
Panzer Division swung right to form a protective shoulder, the 1st and 7th Panzer Divisions captured Zhitomir without
difficulty during the night of the 17th/18th. The Soviet Third Guards Tank Army (5th and 6th Guards Tank Corps and 1st
Guards Cavalry Corps) mounted counter-attacks at Korostyshev that afternoon and did so again west of Brussilov the
next day, but those thrusts were successfully repulsed.  
General Balck promptly made the decision to entrap the enemy army within a pocket. Throughout the 20th of November,
the SS LSSAH hammered away at the Soviets from the west, serving to focus their attention in that direction.
Simultaneously, the 1st Panzer Division was driving east along the Zhitomir-Kiev highway with the 7th Panzer Division still
covering its left flank, while the 19th Panzer Division approached the eastern edge of the battle area from the south-west,
knocking out sixteen Soviet tanks and thirty-six anti-tank guns as it broke cleanly through the Soviet’s defensive screen."   
Excerpt from 7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound

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7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound - Reliable Eastern Front Panzer Division
Zhitomir, East Prussia and Poland, from 1940 through 1945. Yet after the division suffered, sometimes, crippling,
casualties it was always reformed into a
panzer division that was stronger that ever before. Some of the best panzer
generals in the
German Army as well as some who distinguished themselves as Waffen SS division commanders served in
7th Panzer Division. The e-book, 7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound recounts the inspirational battle saga of the
7th Panzer Division describing all the élan, blood and battle smoke which enveloped that veteran German Army unit.