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ww2 cavalry division book
Achtung Cavalry
German Horse Cavalry Divisions - Eastern Front, WW II
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327 pages; 21 chapters and 13 appendixes
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Then German Army in World War Two, beginning with the Polish Campaign,
then the French campaign and finally the Russian campaign, employed
cavalry brigades, divisions and corps that fought from horseback against the
tanks, machine guns, artillery and aircraft of the modern armies fighting
against them. They were later joined by first one, then three
Waffen SS
cavalry divisions
. German horse cavalry played important combat roles
during the retreat from Russia and the fighting in Hungary as well as the siege
of Budapest.
“On June 22, 1941, the 1st Cavalry Division with its 15,000 men and 17,000 horses, crossed the Bug River. "At 3.15 AM,
the 1st and 2nd Brigades of General Feldt's
1st Cavalry Division...crossed the river Bug. The day's target destination was
reached, and the cavalrymen were already on the edge of the wood east of Rogalzna by midnight."
The mission of the
1st Cavalry Division was carefully planned. "On the extreme southern flank of Army Group Center was
positioned the
1st Cavalry Division, which was assigned the difficult task of moving along the edge of the Pripet swamps
and guarding against a Soviet thrust from the south. This mounted division would later be reinforced by two infantry
By the 23rd of June 1941, the division's vanguard was near Nowosiolki. On the 24th the
cavalry division moved towards
Horodel, seventy kilometers away. Soviet aircraft caught the division in the open near Mokrany and temporarily disrupted it.
However, the cavalry was able to obtain relief by exploiting the cover of a nearby wood.”
Excerpt from Achtung Cavalry
Achtung Cavalry reveals the secrets of those German cavalry units
organization and employment. It is also the story of their brave horses that
perished by the thousands in combat on the Eastern Front.
Some of the units described in
Achtung Cavalry: German Army 1st Cavalry
Brigade; German Army
1st Cavalry Division; German Army Cavalry
Regiments on the Eastern Front; the 3rd and 4th
German Cavalry Divisions,
in Hungary: 1944-45.
German Horse Cavalry Divisions in World War II
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