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Africa Corps, German Desert Warfare Concepts: World War II
Africa Corps, Achtung
German Desert Warfare Concepts: World War II
(original source written by Major General Toppe, Third Reich)
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64 pages; 9 chapters and 1 appendix
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Africa Corps, Achtung is not just another book about the Africa Corps, the
favorite subject of so many righteous leftist authors.
Africa Corps, Achtung is
a unique type of e-book that covers the strange case of
German adaptation
for desert warfare
to the North African battlefield. How did all those fair
skinned men from a cooler clime adapt so readily to the exigencies of warfare in
a trackless desert? Allied propaganda claimed that the
Africa Corps’ desert
combat ability was the result of years of desert training. Of course that
charge was a lie.  
Africa Corps, Achtung reveals that German ideology,
military acumen, and adaptability (a significant measure of individual and group
intelligence) ensured that the Germans would become past
masters of desert
"Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox) expressed his own views concerning the influence of the desert terrain on
the development of a new system of tactics for motorized units of the Afrika Korps as follows: "The North African desert
was probably the theater where war was waged in its most modern form. On both sides the brunt of the fighting was borne
by completely motorized units, for use of which there were highly favorable opportunities in this level, unobstructed
Here, it was possible to really apply the basic principles for the conduct of tank warfare as they had been taught in theory
before the war-and especially to amplify them. Here, out-and-out tank battles were fought between division-size armored
units. Although the war slowed down into infantry and position warfare from time to time, its most important phases-the
British winter offensive of 1941-42 and the German summer offensive of 1942-demonstrated the principles of full mobility;
in desert warfare, against a motorized or armored opponent."
Excerpt from Africa Corps, Achtung
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Africa Corps, German Desert Warfare Concepts: World War II