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African SADF Desant Special Forces
African Desant
South African Army Special Operations
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278 pages; 16 chapters, and 4 appendixes
During the years that South Africa existed as a free white nation, many small and major
wars were fought behind the scenes in the jungles and arid plains of darkest Africa.
Spearheading the South African effort, and frequently fighting far behind enemy lines
were the
South African Army’s Recce Commandos and paratroops. In African Desant
South African Army special operations troop units are described that most people
in the world have never heard of. Their exciting combat experiences and spectacular
achievements are recounted together for the first time. Yet, due to the extreme secrecy
under which all those units operated, the material in
African Desant is incomplete because
ALL of the story will never be told. For now, the reader will be privy to at least some of the
secrets of
South African Army special operations.
“The South African Army commando intelligence officer (they would get a detailed brief once in country) gave them the
overall picture. It was not exactly rosy. In simple terms, the Rhodesians were losing their war. No matter how fast they
destroyed guerrilla groups, new ones sprang up to take their place. The Rhodesian Special Forces were strained almost
to the limit and had been for some time. The
South African Army’s Recce Commandos’ job would be to relieve them in a
key area, the Gaza province of Mozambique, and disrupt the main infiltration route into Rhodesia taken by the
psychopathic Robert Mugabe's ZANU guerrillas. The area was heavily patrolled by regular FRELIMO troops (the
Mozambique Liberation Front, founded in 1962 and victorious in their war against the Portuguese) who were well armed
and trained by the North Korean communists. The Rhodesian Army had a nickname for the area they were to work in: the
'Russian Front'. Now the
South African Army would be there.”
Excerpt from African Desant
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In the Special Forces Hall of Honor, Rhodesian and South African Army Special Forces
will be found at the top of the hierarchy; placed above, or alongside the vaunted British
SAS. The exploits of the
South African Army’s reconnaissance commandos and
paratroop battalions
during the 1970-80s have been forgotten since their nations are
now controlled by totalitarian African racist dictatorships.
African Desant describes the
organization, training, and salient operations of the
South African Army’s
reconnaissance commandos
and paratroops. With just a few men, they landed behind
communist lines in Angola and elsewhere, by a variety of desant means. There they
wreaked havoc on African, Cuban, Eastern European, and Asiatic communists scoring a
ratio of 100 enemy dead for every one
South African Army Special Ops casualty.
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SADF Desant special forces