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Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession - Directed Telescopes Rejected
Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession
"Directed telescopes can monitor the friendly situation and status for the higher commander, enabling both the
commander in contact to fight and the higher commander to "feel" the battle. The worth of a human directed
telescope as a battle monitor has been proven by numerous examples from antiquity through World Wars I and II.
The opposite of this, the American method of over control or micro-management by "layers" of commanders, often
interfering with the battle, as was seen in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.
There is great danger in the American practice of an over reliance on technology to solve what remains to be
basically a people problem. With a directed telescope organization, the commander will be able to see where his
units are, pass information and orders between and among echelons, and do all this more rapidly than ever before.
The technological aids cannot think and if they do, their mode of thinking will undoubtedly conflict with the values of
the American majority. High tech, or electronic, information is just raw or partially processed data. Computer reports
and blips on a screen cannot "feel" the battle. Only people can. Commanders run the risk of being tied to the
hardware, similar to the British at the Somme and the latest examples, US and British generals in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Historical experience indicates that over reliance on technology will inevitably lead to a false sense of
certainty, which can lead to disaster.
American military emphasis upon over control is a disease that is constantly infecting any foreign armed force which
the US military persuades to adopt “the American way.” In fact, each of those foreign armed forces that accept the
American military’s absolutely skewed and unworkable view of warfighting is doomed to defeat."
Most people in America are completely ignorant of the inner workings of US armed forces.
They support
US generals out of ignorance and the false impression that they lead a
patriotic and efficient warfighting organization. The e-book
Amateur Generals' High Tech
provides an introductory glimpse of yet another side of the very poorly led US
. That US Army, dominated by Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession rejects the
most useful tools of
command for micromanaged tools of control. While other, more
professional armies focus on
command, the US armed forces focus on control, which they
command and CONTROL. The US armed forces Amateur Generals' High Tech
has become a politically correct mutant that perceives itself as an ally of
mankind’s Islamic enemy. America’s amateurish Marxist bureaucrat
generals reject the
tools utilized by capable
generals who focus on command, and Amateur Generals' High
Tech Obsession
reveals why. The focus of Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession is
upon the so-called '
directed telescope' that is a tool used to provide professional
generals with another method of keeping up with what their subordinates are doing.  Of
course, the
amateur generals of the US armed forces reject such tools of command
because their insecurity about their own lack of ability has driven them to emphasize control
by micromanagement. They are control-oriented, as are all amateur warfighters, who are
also professional Marxist bureaucrats. The e-book
Amateur Generals' High Tech
provides fresh information on yet another aspect of the mysterious
misunderstood phenomenon known as
US Army generals.
Directed Telescopes Rejected
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198 pages; 16 chapters and 2 appendices
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Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession - Directed Telescopes Rejected