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Vietnam War Traitors book
American Vietnam War Traitors
How Traitorous Leftist Politicians, Media and the Democratic
Party Sabotaged America During The Vietnam War
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118 pages; 5 chapters
During the Vietnam War, the US government’s most trusted officials, in league with many
members of the Democratic Party, spied on the US government and used their special access to
facts unknown to the common, loyal taxpayer. Those
traitors used their special knowledge to
sabotage US military and intelligence operations against the tyrannical North Vietnamese
communists in two ways: (1) Give US secrets to leftist media mavens who distorted that
information into spurious “news” to benefit the enemy by launching a variety of attacks on the US
government and military (2) Sabotaging American warfighting efforts by impeding the collection of
intelligence and the employment of American combat troops as well as leaking secrets to the
enemy. This is the first of many reports by QuikManeuvers’ staff of historical investigative
reporters who promise to root out the truth and identify every leftist
traitor and saboteur
responsible for so many western defeats
Review Table of Contents
“In 1961, the Soviet defector, Anatoli Golitsin, came forward with spectacular information. Golitsin revealed that the
Soviet KGB, "...had penetrations at high levels, both within the (western) intelligence service...including our own, but
also in high places in the governments of various countries." Although assailed by a discrediting campaign
orchestrated or supported by most CIA bureaucrats, many of Golitsin's leads proved to be valid and reliable leads
highly placed traitors.
For example, Golitsin's evidence drew attention to American leftist autocrat W. Averill Harriman:"...who had been
ambassador to the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, governor of New York, and Secretary of Commerce, and
who had been named by President Johnson to negotiate an end to the
Vietnam War. Golitsin described an agent
who had been recruited by the KGB in the 1930's while he was in the Soviet Union on business. The KGB had
supplied the agent with women and an illegitimate son had resulted, Golitsin said. He even claimed to know the
boy's name. The agent had had a falling out with his Soviet controllers, Golitsin continued, but during the 1950's he
had returned to the fold. In honor of the agent's return to covert duty, Golitsin related, the Soviets had
commissioned a play about the son of a capitalist prince by one of Moscow's leading playwrights, but when the
agent attended the premiere he was so flabbergasted by the similarity between himself and the chief protagonist
that he angrily warned the KGB that his cover might be blown. Angleton (the then-Counterespionage Chief of the
CIA) concluded that Golitsin's description matched no one but Harriman. The former ambassador had visited the
Soviet Union as recently as 1959 and had written a book about his journey in which he thanked his guide Vasili
Vakrushev, who was none other than the illegitimate son named by Golitsin..."
The lead was not followed up and thus another
American traitor continued his work.”
Excerpt from American Vietnam War Traitors
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This e-book describes how the US State Department Democratic Party traitors betrayed
American forces
during the Vietnam War. However, this small book is only an introduction to
the subject of
traitors. Other books by Breaker McCoy are packed with hundreds of pages of
facts and analysis identifying and describing
America’s Vietnam War traitors in greater detail
Moles and Amateurs). This book is part of Quikmaneuver’s “Traitor" series that enables
readers to be introduced to the
importance of traitors in the sabotage of the national best
interest of several western countries.
American Vietnam War Traitors