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AntiTerrorism E Books For Sale
AntiTerrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E-Books

150 Questions to a Guerrilla

Afghan vs. Soviet Tactics
How to Cut LOCs and Win

Afghanistan, the Next US Defeat
Conventional US Generals Are Losing the War

Al Qaeda Terror Training Manual
Secrets of Al Qaeda Terrorism

Anti-Partisan Operations in WW2 Croatia
Defensive Tactics and Defeat

Anti-Partisan Warfare, Yugoslavia
Germany’s War Against Tito’s Partisans

US State Department Disloyalty and Incompetence

Artillery in the City
Artillery in Urban War

British Army Counter Terror Concepts
Subversion of a Military Elite

Car Bomb Survival
How to Detect and Survive Car Bombs

Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics
Ideological Small Unit Combat

Chechnyan War Secrets
Russian Deceptions in Chechnya

Combat Intelligence Iraq – Volume 1
Military Intelligence Methods, Iraq

Combat Intelligence Iraq – Volume 2
Military Intelligence Methods, Iraq

Combat Silencers
Tactical Stealth Operations

Combat Snipers
How to Become a Better Sniper

Combat Tracking
Extraordinary Methods of Being a Man Tracker in Combat Conditions

Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing
White Middle and Working Classes are Genocide Targets

Communist Uprising in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Counter Terror War

Competent Generals
Israeli Generals Explain War

Counter Guerrilla Combat
Tactics and Techniques of Counter Guerrilla Operations

Counter Terrorist Intelligence
Intelligence Collection, Terrorist Uprising

Cryptanalysis Made Easy
The Art and Science of Solving Codes and Ciphers

The Death of Freedom in South Africa
South African Black Racist and Anti-Christian Hate Crimes, 21st Century

Direct Action
Special Operations Task Forces

Electronic Bugging and Debugging
Leftist Terrorists and Electronic Monitoring (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Espionage Manual #2 - Hindu vs. Muslim Espionage
Pakistan's ISI Spies are Defeating India's Spies

Espionage Manual #4 - Aspects of Counter Intelligence
Counter Intelligence Techniques

Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation
Interrogating Spies and Terrorists

Espionage Manual #35 - Inside Russian Espionage
Russian Defectors' Revelations

Exposing American Intelligence
Muslim Report on US Intelligence

Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Volume 1
US Marine Corps Defeat in Iraq

Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Volume 2
US Marine Corps Defeat in Iraq

FBI Treason Conspiracy
Muslim Subversion and FBI Treachery

French-Algerian War Secrets
General M. Challe Refutes History

French Psychological Warfare: Algeria
Confronting Psychopathic Islam

German Anti-Partisan Tactics
Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics

German Army Anti-Partisan Operations
Tactics and Operational Art in WW2 Balkans

German Counterguerrilla Warfare in Greece
No Quarter War Against Communist Terror

Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook
Insight into the Confused US Military Mind

Hezbollah Terrorists
Iran’s Covert Killers

Hezbollah’s False Victory
Israel’s Raid Into Lebanon, 2006

Hiding Evidence
Leftist Forensic Methods (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Principles of Human Intelligence

Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
Hindu Intelligence on Muslim Terrorism

Indian Special Forces Combat Diary
RAW Special Recon Field Agents

Inside Special Operations Forces
Elite Reconnaissance/Diversionary Spearheads

IRA and British Intelligence
The Street Shadow War

IRA Green Book
Irish Republican Army Terrorism Manual

IRA’s General Michael Collins
IRA, Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday

IRA Targeted Liquidation
IRA Terrorism and the Murder Gangs

IRA Terror Shock Action
Urban Close Combat

IRA Terrorism
IRA Guerrilla Tactics

The IRA vs. the British
The British Army that Fought the IRA

Iranian Human Wave
Iraq-Iran War 1980-88

Iraqi Terrorists
Sunni Versus Shiite

Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook
IRA Guerrilla Warfare Methods

Islamic Assassins
Muslim Political Killers

Islamic Death Squads
Muslim Assassin Groups

Israeli Army Demoralization
How American Doctrine Defeated and Demoralized the Israeli Army 2006

Israeli Targeted Liquidation
Secret Israeli Anti-Terror Tactic

Japanese Counterinsurgency, WW2
Ruthless, Effective Japanese Tactics

Leftist Support for African Terrorism
The Rhodesian Government Explains Black African Terrorism

Lone Wolf Sabotage
Leftist Technical Assaults (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Man Tracking
An Introduction to Tracking Human Quarry

Mau Mau Terror
African Terrorist Uprising, Kenya

Military Intelligence Templating
Military Intelligence Battlefield Failures

Mossad’s Espionage
Israeli Intelligence and Muslim Imperialism

Muslim Murder Traditions
Islamic Death Cults

Muslim Snipers, Iraq
Islamic Sniper Propaganda

NKVD Terror
Soviet Secret Police Murder & Mayhem

Political Warfare Trickery
Leftist Tactics of Disruption (edited by Wolf Steiner)

The Psychopathology of Barak Hussein Obama
The First Communist Ruler of America?

Pursuit Commandos
The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism, 1954-62

Rear Area Security in Russia
2nd Front Behind German Lines

Reconnaissance in Iraq
HUMINT Defeats Netcentric War

Red Star Over Africa
South Africa’s War Against African Marxism

Red Terror's Bloody Reprisal
Communist Terrorism, Kharkov: 1941-43

Rhodesia’s Grey’s Scouts
Horse Cavalry Anti-Terrorist Ops, Africa

Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver
Actions Leading to Enemy Defeat

Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy
Rhodesian Anti-Terrorist Schemes

Rhodesian Special Forces
Rhodesian Elite Anti-Terrorist Ops

Russian Paratroops, World War IV
Russian Elite Shows How To Fight Muslims

Covert Destruction of Property

Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices
IEDs Defeat US Armed Forces

Secrets of the Red Army’s Afghanistan War
The Red Army in Afghanistan

Selous Scout Tracking
Elite Rhodesian Tracking Methods

South African Flying Columns
20th SADF Bde Operational Art

Soviet Battles in Afghanistan
Red Army Fights Islamic Terrorists

Special Forces Use of Pack Animals
Pack Animals for Light Infantry Ops

Special Operations 2007
Interviews with Special Forces Leaders

Spetsnaz, Direct Action
Russian Special Purpose Forces

SS Paratroops Attack
SS Paratroops Assault Tito’s HQ

Streets of Fire
Defending Villages

Surveillance Manual 2006
Leftists and Police Surveillance (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Surviving in the City
Urban Disaster Survival

The Symbionese Liberation Army
American Leftist Terrorist Group

Tanks in the City
Armor Dominates Urban Warfare

Terror and Sabotage
Leftist Terrorist Tactics (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Terror Tunnels
Underground Worm Holes of Killer Psychos

Terrorist or Insurgent Enemies
Paramilitary Organizations and Tactics

Torture: Pain Dialectics
Leftist Hypocrites and Reality

Urban Kill Zone
Fighting Terrorists in Cities

Vietnam Terror
Viet Cong Terror Tactics

Violence in Action
Special Forces’ War on Terror

Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual
Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands

West Side Boyz: African Black Racist Murder Gang
An Intelligence Report About African Insanity
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
The Anti-Terrorism category includes numerous e-books on
how to lead a terrorist uprising, as well as how to beat a
terrorist uprising. All of the major terror groups of the 20th and
21st Century are included in QuikManeuvers.com's
Anti-Terrorism category. QuikManeuvers.com is
especially proud of its heretofore unrevealed information
about the exploits of US special warfare Anti-terrorism units in
combating Islamic Imperialism.
Anti-Terrorism E-Books
Urban War
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E-Books
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale
Anti-Terrorism E Books For Sale