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Red Army Invasion
Army of Conquest
”On 27 April 1978, Afghan officers that had trained in the Soviet Union conducted a military coup bringing
Communism to power in Afghanistan.   The new Soviet-backed Afghan president, put Into motion, sweeping
communist-style land distribution, emancipation of women, and destruction of the old Afghanistan social structure. In
September 1979, the Afghan president's Prime Minister, Hafizullah Amin,
seized power in Kabul and secretly
executed Taraki, the Soviet-installed president.  
Amin served Soviet interests for awhile. Then the Soviet Union watched as the new Muslim-communist state began to
drift out of Moscow's orbit.  The Soviet Politburo decided to intervene in Afghanistan to protect the interests of the
Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
Soon a
Soviet war in Afghanistan was planned which was to begin with a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. During
the time of the
Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, it was winter in Afghanistan, and the snow was deep in Kabul, the
capital of Afghanistan.  The
Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began quickly. On 25 December 1979, "…two Soviet
pontoon bridge regiments began guiding their floating bridges into position on the Amu Darya River in the vicinity of
Termez, a Soviet city on the Afghan border.  
Meanwhile, the 40th Soviet Army commander, General Lieutenant Yuri Vladimirovich Tukharinov, met with the Chief
of Operations of the DRA (Afghanistan) General Staff, Soviet General Baba Jan, in Kunduz, Afghanistan to
coordinate actions in the deployment area. A deception plan masked the
Red Army’s true intentions.
Red Army orders directed that the 40th Red Army and Soviet Air Force planes would begin crossing the borders of
the DRA at 1500 (Moscow time) on 25 December 1979.  The Soviet forces began their incursion precisely at the
established time.  Soviet scouts and an air-assault battalion were the first to cross.  They were tasked with seizing
the Salang Pass, a crucial choke point on the
road to Kabul (twelve Soviet scouts would die in an ambush in the
pass).  The remainder of the 108th Motorized Rifle Division followed the forward detachment troops across the
pontoon bridges.”
During the time when Russia was brazenly communist, the Red Army was an
army of conquest. Nation after nation fell to Red Army invasion and its
surrogates in times that were supposed to be periods of peace. Yet the truth
Red Army invasions was withheld from the American public. Army of
will surprise the most sophisticated reader, and introduce the
amateur historian to a world that he never knew existed.
Nearly two thirds of this e-book is devoted to the
Red Army invasion of
Afghanistan and the war against Muslim terrorists there. Three chapters deal
with the fabulous Spetsnaz Coup de Main in Kabul Afghanistan, a classic story
of special forces close combat and
Red Army invasion. The reader will be
amazed to learn how
Red Army units and Soviet puppet troops invaded and
conquered Somalia in the 1970s. It's all there in
Army of Conquest. The
reader will also be shocked to learn about
Red Army invasion in Angola and
Mozambique, as well as the further application of
Red Army invasion tactics
in the  defeat of South African forces by Soviet puppet troops.
Soviet / Red Army Invasion: 1960-2006
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311 pages; 16 chapters and 6 appendices
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