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Russian Army Military Genius of Operational Art
Army of Darkness
Russian / Red Army Military Genius 1941 To 2006
© 2006
272 pages; 17 chapters and 1 appendix
Army of Darkness is an e-book that approaches the art of war from the Red
standpoint. The reader is thus enabled to perceive Red Army military
through the eyes of the Red Army. This method facilitates the
revelation of information, which will have a stunning impact on the American
readership. For example, more than fifteen important, distinctly
Red Army
military genius concepts and warfighting approaches
are revealed in
Army of Darkness. These concepts are not only unknown to American
readers, but also constitute direct examples of
Red Army military genius.
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“In the mid-1980s, western generals learned from the Soviets that: "... an intermediate level of war exists between strategy
and tactics...operational art !" Until then, the US military and the West, never knew that
the operational level, or
Operational Art, even existed
For decades, generals in  the West mistook
operational level warfighting for tactics. They didn't know that there are
great differences
between tactics and operational art. Yet, those differences are easily delineated: "...At its simplest,
‘operational’ defines a level between ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’, say from division or corps up to army group...The second
feature which distinguishes an ‘operation’ from a (tactical-level) ‘battle’ or ‘engagement’ is the scope of its effect. The
outcome of an operation has a direct bearing on the situation at a strategic level..."
differences between tactics and operational art are best understood by first comparing each concept’s definition:
"...Tactics are concerned with the physical destruction of the enemy’s front-line troops, up to a depth of about fifty
kilometers, which embraces his forward divisions’ reserves.
Operational Art is concerned with the disruption of the enemy’s overall cohesion on a much larger scale; depriving him of
the ability to react to changes in the situation, preventing him from accomplishing his aims and breaking up his
organization and control of higher formations. Destruction of large enemy groupings is achieved as a result of the
disruption of his plans, timetables and ability to organize over a wide area and in great depth (i.e. 300-500 kilometers). It
is not merely a matter of seeking and fighting battles..."
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Excerpt from Army of Darkness
Russian Army Operational Level Military Genius
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That Army of Darkness genius has continued to flourish from the 1930's
until today, certifying the
Red Army as the primary military innovator in the world. In fact, the Red Army has remained the
world's only military innovator since 1945. The
Red Army is also the only modern army that has institutionalized military
genius on the operational level
. In the meantime, many modern historians and military writers continue to write books
praising the highly vaunted
military genius of the World War II German Wehrmacht. The carefully footnoted material
contained in
Army of Darkness should provide sufficient evidence to prove that Red Army military genius exists on a
plane  either different from or above that of the Third Reich's.