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Artillery in the City - Urban War with Muslim Terrorists
Artillery in the City
Artillery in Urban War
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196 pages; 12 chapters
When a hard European Army like the Russians or Serbs or Croats
attacks a city to
clear it of muslim terrorists, they keep their eye
on the prize. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as
torrents of artillery
and tank fire
smashes avenues of approach that are rapidly
exploited by assault infantry and sappers. When an enemy strong
point or fortified zone is encountered, there is no hesitation, KaBlam!
Direct firing artillery slams into the building turning the concrete
edifice to dust, as endless bags of bones and blood that used to be
muslim terrorists, are tossed in all directions. The numbed,
wounded and panicked
muslim terrorists are hosed down with
heavy and medium machine guns, sending ever more muslim souls to
Allah’s hellish paradise, and they riding on gouts of their own blood.
Artillery in the City describes how artillery can be deployed to
utterly destroy muslim terrorists
“In maneuver warfare, firepower utilized only to facilitate maneuver is not a supreme verity. Maneuver is movement, which
takes place to create a series of unexpected and dangerous situations for the enemy. In open areas units fight to move,
they do not move to fight. The converse may be true in urban close combat situations.  Momentum and tempo must be
constantly maintained in an overall context.
Combined arms hits the enemy with two or more arms simultaneously in such a manner that the actions he must take to
defend himself from one arm, make him more vulnerable to the other. Supporting arms consists of hitting the enemy with
two or more arms in sequence, or if simultaneously, then in such combination that the actions the enemy takes to defend
against one arm also defends against the other. Combined arms seek to put the enemy on the horns of a dilemma. If he
slows down to cross a minefield covered by machine guns, then he will suffer more casualties due to the prolonged
exposure time.
Supporting arms, firepower expended to support, for example, an attack, presents a problem to the enemy, not a
dilemma. A dilemma is a situation with both wrong answers and right answers which precipitates confusion.
In an urban situation, strong penetration troops spearhead the advance. The penetrating element should be a squad with
the mission of breaching an enemy defense at a gap found by probing. The tank/self-propelled artillery heavy exploitation
element, the bulk of the unit, should push through the gap and begin aufrollen, or rolling out right and left in the enemy
rear. The support element, having supported the penetration and exploitation effort, shifts fire to the rear and flanks of
the penetration. Then the penetration element resumes probing again. Platoon attacks are launched on one axis.”
Excerpt from Artillery in the City
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It’s true that the US Army, led by a gaggle of flabby and cowardly peace generals, is demobilizing the US Army’s tanks
and artillery
, as the real killers of the world snicker derisively. They forgot to ask: Is war hell? Hell yes! Artillery in the City
tells how it got that way. It’s now the US Army fighting in Allah’s domain. The tanks may be grinding mounds of muslim
corpses into the dirt, but
the artillery blasted the abattoir open. Artillery in the City is for those primed warfighters who
want to be there. Kicking down doors and blasting down walls, let’s go to Allah land and have a ball.
Artillery in the City - Urban War