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Assault Pioneers Advance - Germany’s Assault Elite
Assault Pioneers Advance
Germany’s Assault Elite
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251 pages; 21 chapters and 6 appendices
Assault Pioneers Advance is an e-book that is very unique since it is one of
only six books with a focus on
Wehrmacht Assault Pioniers.
QuikManeuvers.com has produced three of those books.
Assault Pioneers
will take the reader into a world that he may never have visited
before. It is a world where a small number of specialized elites seized huge
fortresses manned by enemy units up to ten times their size.
Assault Pioneers
explains all the different ways the hard-charging German Assault
attacked and defeated heretofore impregnable enemy fortresses,
forts and fortified areas in
WW2. The reader will learn not only how German
Assault Pioniers
achieved their outstanding success in capturing enemy forts,
but how they defeated large enemy units when fighting as Panzer Pioniers. In
German Assault Pioniers were so successful that their allies copied them
and thus created their own elite
assault engineers. Smell the burn of
flamethrowers, feel the ground shake with heavy detonations and hear the
screams of enemy units who thought that they were safe from the small attack
teams leading the
Assault Pioneers Advance.
Review Table of Contents
"On 28 August the German 8th Panzer Division, which was assembled approximately 30 miles southeast of Kingisepp,
received orders to spearhead the thrust from the southwest on the following day. By advancing via Moloskovitsy and
Volosovo the division was to reach the Luga-Leningrad highway at a point south of Gatchina. Upon arriving at the
highway, the division was to turn southeastward and thus, by attacking the withdrawing Soviet forces from the rear,
facilitate the advance of those German infantry divisions that were fighting their way northward. Meanwhile, other German
armored forces were to capture Gatchina and various objectives farther to the north on the road to Leningrad.  
As the panzer battle groups of the 8th Panzer Division plunged towards the running enemy, panzer pioniers, mounted on
half-tracks shot forward along with their special engineer assault tanks, smoke dispersers and Nebelwerfer battery.  The
8th Panzer Division HQ was well aware of just how powerful their panzer pionier battalion really was. They knew that only
two companies of that battalion could defeat an entire enemy regiment in a maneuver battle."
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Excerpt from Assault Pioneers Advance
Assault Pioneers Advance - Germany’s Assault Elite