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Leftisit Propaganda Coup D'Etat
Backstabbing, Coup D'Etat
US Traitor Generals
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138 pages; 10 chapters and 3 appendices
The huddled masses of America are driven like sheep before the onslaught of
backstabbing propaganda and political correctness subversion.
Everywhere, the media makes apparent that the
backstabbing leftist Bolshevik
revolution in America is winning the cultural war. However, there is evidence that
the left is impatient. Although Uncle Sam's back has a hundred punctures from
backstabbing knife wounds by traitors everyday, things are moving too slow
for their internecine war. Since the middle 1990s evidence has begun to emerge
that the left in this country is massaging a minority of
US traitor generals into
plans for a
coup d'etat in America. Backstabbing, Coup D'etat provides the
first expose of that evidence. Numerous
leftist propaganda stories have
circulated for the past ten years among that American subversion cartel,
composed of muslims, leftists, and black racists. Political correctness, and
other pressures on America's masses, are taking away every shred of dignity
and tradition from the white middle class and working man.
US Traitor generals are leading the US military down the same
path. There will never be a white revolution, but the red revolution of the cultural war is upon us. A
military coup d'etat is
widely talked about among leftist insiders. That
coup d'etat will bring the left to power in a bloody revolution from the top by
US traitor generals. A number of left-wing US traitor generals have been discussing a military coup d'etat with leftist
leadership for a long time. This e-book,
Backstabbing, Coup D'etat,  provides evidence of those discussions. In the near
future, such discussions may well be translated into
a leftist military coup d'etat by US traitor generals.
Review Table of Contents
“The leftist journalist who broke the story did not realize that he was inadvertently revealing the presence of leftist, pro-
muslim moles in the highest reaches of US Army’s Centcom Headquarters
. Those moles passed information on US
war plans to the Russians. Such cooperation is surprising, since Russia has been severely punished and humiliated by
the muslims for several decades.
Leftist moles within the US military hierarchy, and several generals who have expressed great hostility to the Bush
administration, are
the dynamos in a rumored plot involving US generals and military specialists as well as domestic
leftist traitors and unassimilated muslim “citizens” of the USA. Their peculiar
form of subversion, a coup d’etat, has
been vanguarded by desperate leftist propaganda circulated among the leftist muslim black racist cartel, which has long
dreams of a Bolshevik revolution in America. A coup d’etat is envisioned because the cultural war
conducted against the American masses has not resulted in a total victory in the near term.”
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