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Leadership Psychology and Military Manuever in Close Combat
Battle Leadership
German Army Secrets (written by Captain Adolph Von Schnell, 1933)
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153 pages; 10 chapters
Battle Leadership is a book describing the verities of military maneuver and
leadership psychology
that are just as valuable today as they were in World
War I’s close combat on the Russian Front
. Such principles of close
combat and military maneuver
are as useful today for the soldier, war
gamer, historian, and/or guerrilla fighter, as they were to
the World War I
German Army
The man who wrote the book, who has been dead for fifty years, was
not a
World War I general
. He was a junior officer in the German Army who
learned his
leadership psychology and military maneuver art in the
crucible of close combat on the Russian Front in World War I.
It does not take a World War I general, a German Army veteran of close
combat on the Russian Front
to understand the principles of leadership
psychology and close combat described in
Battle Leadership. It is now
available at a very reasonable price to the readers of QuikManeuvers.com.
Review Table of Contents
“The General knew his subordinates; he knew that each one was different and had to be handled differently in order to
achieve results. He had estimated the psychological situation correctly. It is comparatively easy to make a correct
estimate if one knows the man concerned; but even then it is often difficult, because the man doesn't always remain the
same. He is no machine; he may react one way to-day, another way tomorrow. Soldiers can he brave one day and afraid
the next. Soldiers are not machines bur human beings who must be led in war. Each one of them reacts differently,
therefore each must be handled differently. Furthermore, each one reacts differently at different times, and must be
handled each time according to his particular reaction. To sense this and to arrive at a correct psychological solution is
part of the art of leadership.”
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Excerpt from Battle Leadership
World War II German Army on the Russian Front