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Battle of Lenino - 1st Polish Rifle Division's Attack
Battle of Lenino
1st Polish Rifle Division's Attack
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177 pages; 15 chapters and 11 appendices
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The Battle of Lenino in October 1943 featured the strongest infantry
division in the
Soviet 33rd Army, the 1st Polish Infantry Division. That
full strength Polish division of fresh troops, most of which were veterans,
was reinforced as the main effort in the
Soviet Battle of Lenino. With its
flanks covered by
Soviet rifle divisions, the 1st Polish Infantry Division
attacked in the center of the offensive, towards four depleted German
infantry battalions (900 to 1200 men). Within two days the
Battle of
was over, and the crippled 1st Polish Infantry Division was
withdrawn to be provided with replacements and replenishment. The
Soviet 33rd Army commander was furious with the Pole's performance as
he and a number of other Red Army generals were removed from
command because of the
1st Polish Infantry Division poor performance
during the
Battle of Lenino.
The e-book,
Battle of Lenino, reveals the secrets of what really
happened to the
Soviet 33rd Army during the Battle of Lenino.
“By the start of the offensive, the reinforced 1st Polish Infantry Division included three infantry regiments, an artillery
regiment, a tank regiment, a separate antitank battalion as well as individual units and subunits under the division. Aided
by tanks of the 1st Polish Tank Regiment, light artillery regiments from the Soviet 144th and 164th Rifle Divisions, as well
as the 538th Mortar Regiment and the 67th Howitzer Brigade from the Soviet 33rd Army's reserves, the number of
personnel in the formation far exceeded its TO&E strength of 12,144 men.”
Excerpt from Battle of Lenino
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Battle of Lenino - 1st Polish Rifle Division's Attack