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Bloody Reprisal, Communist Terrorists in Kharkov
Red Terror's Bloody Reprisal
Communist Terrorism, Kharkov: 1941-43
© 2006
81 pages; 5 chapters
For three years a communist terrorist organization ran
rampant in Kharkov
, regardless of the fact that it was
occupied by the German Army. The
German Abwehr worked
for three years
against communist terrorists in Kharkov,
but failed to destroy them.
Bloody Reprisal gives an in-depth
look at the grisly achievements of the
communist terrorist
organization in Kharkov
, run by the criminal murderer known
as Sayenkov. If the
Abwehr had been willing to use terror
against the communist terrorists
, they would have
prevailed. However, the German authorities in most occupied
Soviet cities during World War 2, were remarkably lenient with
the local populace. Although that policy resulted in millions of
Russians to volunteer to fight against the communists, it also
enabled communist terrorist organizations to wreak
. If the German Abwehr had used bloody reprisals
in Kharkov, they might have defeated the communist
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“Militant communist terrorism against property and the people consisted in blowing up and setting fire to objectives,
which were of value to the Germans, or to serve the needs of propaganda and terror without regard for collateral
casualties. Any citizen suspected of possibly giving away a previous, current or future terrorist activity was murdered.  
With the latter objectives in mind, the
terrorists committed brutal outrages that at the time seemed senseless, but were
nevertheless generally part of a very carefully considered plan. Militant resistance started almost immediately after the
German occupation of
Kharkov on 6 November 1941, when the German Intelligence Service launched a four-point
program against the communist terrorists:
1.        To become familiar with the system and organization of Sayenko, red terrorist leader.
2.        To apprehend and liquidate as many members of the underground communist terror organization as possible.
3.        To liquidate Sayenko’s secret storehouse and headquarters.
4.        To infiltrate their own agents into his headquarters and information centers. (A direct attempt to infiltrate agents
into the resistance organization proved impossible, and all attempts to do so cost the lives of German intelligence agents.)”
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