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Bodyguard Professional Methods
Bodyguard Professional Methods
"The opposite of the thousand-yard stare is the “target stare.” This occurs where a potential adversary narrows his
eyes and glares directly at you. He is giving you the “snake eyes,” first noticed in some Western bandidos a hundred
years ago. People narrow their eyes as a physical assist to concentration, like a cobra. The narrowing of the eyelids
does for our vision what shutting down the f/stop on your camera does for the lens: it enhances depth perception.
Snakes eyes tell you that you have become a very intense focus of a potential attacker attention. If the
circumstances indicate that this individual is at all hostile, the target stare is not a good sign. If you’re not a cop,
psyche nurse, etc., Mother Nature is telling you again to start creating distance between you and him.
There is also “target glance” and /or the “bug out glance.  Police officers have learned the hard way over the years
that if a man casts a furtive glance in a certain direction, he may well be checking his avenues of escape: his quick
look has just told the officers where he is likely to run. It’s the bug out glance and he may run before or after he
attacks you.
Is he staring at your chin? In a hostile situation, he’s not admiring your Kirk Douglas chin cleft and he hasn’t noticed
a zit you missed this morning in the mirror. More likely, he’s thinking about sucker punching you right “on the button.”
If his eyes go down to your crotch, he’s probably not a gay guy scoping out your package…more likely, he’s actively
considering opening the fight with a kick to your crotch. Both of the above examples are “target glances” and a taste
of violence is probably imminent."
The e-book Bodyguard Professional Methods is an
introduction to professional
bodyguarding and VIP close
, which is also an excellent basic training manual.
The reader who studies
Bodyguard Professional Methods
several times will be qualified to manage other
by dint of his knowledge. He will also be a denizen of
bodyguard professional methods if he also carries out
certain self-training on his own. Since the key to being an
VIP Close Protection
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357 pages; 29 chapters and 9 appendixes
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Bodyguard Professional Methods
expert bodyguard is intelligence or mental acuity,
Bodyguard Professional Methods provides the knowledge necessary for the intelligent man to adapt and add to. If a reader
Bodyguard Professional Methods follows the instructions covered in this e-book and knows them by heart, he will be a
sought after
bodyguard by professional organizations. He will be far beyond a bouncer, celebrity bodyguard cum
Governess/lover, or even a solo