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British Army Counter Terror Concepts
British Army Counter Terror Concepts
Subversion of a Military Elite
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221 pages; 30 chapters
British Army Counter Terror Concepts describes how the British Army
perceives and solves the problems of
terrorist warfare (also known as
. In the years since World War II, only the French and British
Armies have created a few of the best generals in the war. Countries like America,
Germany and Canada only create politically correct armies led by leftist
bureaucrats and attritionists.
British Army Counter Terror Concepts is a
distillation of salient lessons about
defeating terrorists learned by the British
during the past 100 years. Some of the best features of British Army
counter terror concepts
are described in this e-book. Yet, the British Army,
probably the best European army in the world, is rapidly being destroyed by its own
leftist Labor Party in the same way the US Army was destroyed by leftist Democrats.
British Army Counter Terror Concepts is an e-book, therefore, that tells only
part of the story. Most of the information about the internal destruction of the
British Army as an elite combat force has been left out.
Review Table of Contents
"In many ways, therefore, the 'lessons' projected by Guevara and Castro were a dangerously misleading and
wrong-headed blueprint for insurgency or terrorist uprisings in the rest of Latin America. However, the emotional and
romantic strength of Guevara's doctrine and in particular of the 'foco' concept were soon highlighted by domestic leftists
on the Latin American mainland, as insurgent movements influenced by events in Cuba took up arms in the late 1960s
against the incumbent regimes. Numerous countries experienced insurgency or terrorist uprisings, notably in Guatemala,
Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia. The weakness of the 'foco' theory soon showed through and in all these countries the
Guevara style revolutions never really got beyond the early stages. Che Guevara himself was killed in Bolivia during
October 1967 after a carefully orchestrated confrontation with the Bolivian Security Forces."
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British Army Counter Terror Concepts