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Bureaucrat Generals focused on Nation Building, Peace Keeping and Pseudo Diplomacy
Bureaucrat Generals
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals
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334 pages; 13 chapters and 7 appendixes
Bureaucrat Generals is an e-book that describes the warfighting sabotage, policy
micro-management, and attempted leftist coup d'etat by American
conventional generals who are allied with Colin Powell and General Shenski. Those
bureaucrat generals are responsible for the insane attempt to remove all tanks
from the US Army and convert it into a jeep-borne police force. Many US
bureaucrat generals have never been combat war fighters; they are
micro-management-crazy bureaucrats who are the epitome of control freaks.
bureaucrat general agenda, unrelated to warfighting, includes: nation
building, peace keeping, and pseudo diplomacy
. In effect, too many
bureaucrat generals are fixated on spending billions of US taxpayer dollars to
help strengthen America's enemies. Any nation stupid enough to waste the
manhood of its combat forces on
nation building, peace keeping, and pseudo
will surely be destroyed. Nevertheless, America's bureaucrat generals
in their politically correct,
micro-management derangement have warmly
nation building, peace keeping, and pseudo diplomacy.
Bureaucrat Generals describes in detail the many ways that US conventional
generals carry out that
micro-management agenda. Bureaucrat generals are
fragging America.

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Review Table of Contents
“Within three to six months the modern staff organization of America’s conventional bureaucrat generals arrived on the
scene and began their work. That
modern bureaucratic military staff has nothing to do with war fighting. Following
is a listing of those bureaucratic staff categories and their jobs:
- Numerous Lawyers: Every conventional bureaucratic general (as opposed to unconventional generals or colonels) is
surrounded by numerous leftist attorneys. These callow youths, fresh from academic brainwashing, are not military men
and despise militarism. They are constantly warning generals to be careful, to not take chances, to avoid collateral
damage, to avoid charges of war crimes, and to carefully control the “violence of the troops.” They also warn the generals
that their subordinates are not to be trusted. They persistently create ever more controlling Rules of Engagement
calculated to prevent American troops from obtaining combat victory.
- Many Journalist Embeds: Every conventional general has on his “informal staff” several leftist journalist embeds. They
constantly watch the general, looking for ways to embarrass him or charge him with malfeasance. Frequently, these
radical youths, callow in their leftist arrogance “advise or mentor” generals in what to do.
- Appeasement Teams: From the US State Department: The State Department, covens of leftists lawyers, and even the
ACLU, constantly visit conventional generals seeking to shape their behaviors away from war fighting and towards
“humanitarian” nation-building, diplomacy and peacekeeping.
- Nation Building Officers and Contractors: Each conventional general spends a large part of every day officiating over
his nation building advisors, including military engineer officers and civilian contractors getting rich off of nation building.
- Civil Affairs Staffs: Civil affairs staff officers are everywhere in conventional generals’ headquarters. They are
constantly scheming about how to give away more and more American goods and services to enemy populations. They
take up time in reporting their plans and progress.
- Vendors of Luxury: Fat, cigar-chewing Mafioso types call on the bureaucratic generals frequently. They are busy
offering more and more luxurious and expensive supplies related to mess halls, nightclubs, and officer clubs officiated
over by conventional generals in their many ornate base camps. They keep the generals supplied with booze,
sunglasses, cigars and broads.

The above staff specialists have nothing to do with winning wars. However, the modern conventional diplomat-general
spends most of his time dealing with the above people. He has no time left over for such “inconsequential” activities as
orchestrating war fighting campaigns, destroying the enemy, or winning battles. Is it any wonder that the situation
changes to the enemy’s favor so quickly?”
Excerpt from Bureaucrat Generals
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