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Car Bomb Survival - How to Detect and Survive Car Bombs
Car Bomb Survival
How to Detect and Survive Car Bombs
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190 pages; 11 chapters
It won’t be long until car bombs are commonplace in all Marxist-controlled
nations of America and Europe. There will be hundreds of large and small
going off which will kill all sorts of people, individually and in groups.
Most civilians will want to be adept at
car bomb survival, but all the high tech
detection tools will be used and controlled by the communist government and
its murder squads. Yet,
car bomb survival will be in the mind of every family
man, because
car bombs will be weapons of: terror and white genocide, the
new domestic civil war and revenge.  Marxist CIA spokesmen are telling
Americans that, “
car bombs are impossibly undetectable without highly
expensive, government-controlled equipment.” They are lying as usual, and that
is why the comprehensive e-book,
Car Bomb Survival has become available
to you.
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“The security threat is not what you know, but what you don’t know! From firsthand experience, terrorists don’t put
contraband under a vehicle just anywhere. In most cases, terrorists instead go to extraordinary lengths to ensure
the contraband is not discovered. Often it is wrapped in dirty, greasy cloth pushed in over the top of axels or
crossbeams. In many cases, items such as spare tires are removed and replaced with a metal plate to hide
contraband placed above. With the best will in the world security personnel simply don’t know what the underside of
every vehicle should look like and whether, for example, a spare tire should be there, not a plate, or if the vehicle
should have two exhaust systems or one, etc. (Yet anyone could learn all the under-vehicle variables. All specialist
personnel must drill ceaselessly on every aspect of under-car recognition, as well as all habitual variations of car
bomb placement.) Americans military personnel believe that it is just not realistic to expect security personnel to
master all required recognition factors, patterns and limitations. It is usually true that Americans are easy to fool and
cannot provide effective vehicle under carriage inspections.”
Excerpt from Car Bomb Survival
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Car Bomb Survival - How to Detect and Survive Car Bombs
The e-book Car Bomb Survival explains, for the average citizens, what car bombs look like, how to detect them on vehicles,
and related information. It is important to realize that
car bombs were identified and neutralized many decades before the
American obsession with highly technical
detection machinery began to dominate and impede car bomb detection and