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Charisma’s Political Power
Charisma’s Political Power
"Charisma does not mean "celebrity." Webster defines it as "a spiritual gift regarded as divinely granted to a person
as a token of grace and favor" and as "a personal magic of leadership arousing popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a
public figure." Charisma is leadership derived through personality; it means using integrity, sincerity, articulation and
appearance to communicate with and lead people. But it is not bestowed by a God; it is bestowed by the masses.
Charisma is not "magic”. It can be created, enhanced, identified and measured. And, in a political context, a
candidate; by understanding the extent of his or her own charisma and that of the opponent, can use that knowledge
to skillfully plan a campaign in white he or she excels in personal confrontations such a televised debates.
We have read of political king-makers. But today, the media are the king-makers. McLuhan' said, "There are no
passengers on the spaceship earth - we are all crew". But he is wrong. In modern America, the Marxist media can
manage elections as Obama’s election proved. Many people want a piece of the political action, but the media
decides who gets it. There is therefore, no doubt that America’s totalitarian media must be dismantled and replaced
by fair reporters of the news, not creators of the news. American media is a Marxist propaganda machine."
If you want to learn how to be politically charismatic, without the media’s
Charisma’s Political Power is the e-book for you. Actually Charisma’
s Political Power
is two books in one. About 70% of this e-book is dedicated
to research on
political charisma. For those who want to understand the
truth about how American sheeple’s criterion for
election (completely
illogical) is based on staged
charismatic imagery, this slice of reality is for
you. If you are considering a
political career, Charisma’s Political Power
will clue you in to the most important elements of
politics. You will learn why
it’s a question of presentation, not truth. But if you can present truth in
presentation bytes then you will be an incredibly unique contender. In any
event, you cannot hope to understand warped
American politics without
this e-book.
And How the Media Elects Marxists
© 2008
331 pages; 16 chapters and 3 appendices
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Excerpt from Charisma’s Political Power
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Charisma’s Political Power
Charisma’s Political Power is a how-to book. The other 30% of the e-book is concerned with how the media was used to
protect Obama's criminal Putsch by proclaiming that felony is
charisma. Do you want to understand what really happened in
the 2008 election? It is there, in
Charisma’s Political Power. Charisma’s Political Power also answers all of your
questions about the phony and illegal communist swindle known as Hussein Obama, and how he conned the most ignorant
thirty percent of America.
Charisma’s Political Power also teaches how the media actually won the election for Obama, and makes a clarion call
for controlling America’s loose-cannon Marxist media. America is staggering stupidly into the grip of an American communist
police state. If you want to understand how and why, read
Charisma’s Political Power, which also tells a few truths about
B. Hussein Obama that you never knew until now.  As one of our customers said: "It's a bargain at any price."