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Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics, Ideological Small Unit Combat
Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics
Ideological Small Unit Combat
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233 pages; 30 chapters and 1 appendix
Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics is an e-book that describes in great
detail the organization, weaponry and leadership of the Muslim
, which is locked in combat with the Russian Army. On the Chechen
side there is much to be learned about very lethal
ideological small unit
. It's all there in Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics. On the
Russian Army side there is a tough, professional army that fights wars as
they should be fought. Their attitude is, “you wanna dance, your entrails will
pay the piper.” The Russians are becoming more effective daily as they
analyze their experience and become more proficient at defeating the
ideological small unit combat that is the centerpiece of Chechen
Terrorist Group Tactics.
“The structure of the Muslim terrorist groups generally includes: a field commander and one or two deputies who make up
his staff (typically the latter are trained former soldiers or MVD personnel); a team that protects the commander -- this
bodyguard team accompanies the leader and protects him during a temporary halt or when he is in a base camp; a recon
team and a network of scouts (the latter may be local civilians who are not directly a part of the detachment); signalmen;
special forces; snipers; and riflemen. Additional specially designated Muslim terrorists support the detachment by
obtaining food, ammunition and other necessities, as well as by conducting liaison. The groups also organize security and
counter-intelligence services.
Detachments consist primarily of well-trained personnel ranging in age from 20 to 50. They are usually volunteers, but
conscription of the male population is also an option. Muslim terrorists who have been forcibly conscripted are inferior to
volunteers in terms of training, combat qualities, and mental preparation for combat against the forces of order.
A significant number of ex-convicts, who have been released from penal colonies, holding camps and prisons, help fill the
ranks of the Chechen terrorist detachments. Criminals who have outstanding arrest warrants also find cover and shelter
in these armed bands. Thus, it comes as no surprise that these groups successfully employ such tactics as robbery,
plundering, marauding and violent torture as common tactics.”
Excerpt from Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics

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Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics, Ideological Small Unit Combat
The Russian Army is unique in its ability to objectively analyze its own combat experience and eliminate the stupid stuff.
The US ground forces, for example, take the opposite tack. The only thing that US forces change as a war drags on is their
willingness to throw in the towel and/or run like hell back home to the states. That behavior is marked by a change of
government for the worse as it tries to bribe the enemy to be friends, and the US military is again dishonored. The
Russians, being real warriors, demand revenge and the blood of their enemies, and they get it too. They don’t cut and run
whining about “the horrible madness of war.” When they leave an enemy area, all that’s left of
Chechen Terrorist Group
is a landscape littered with the many corpses and burning homes of Russia’s enemies. It’s there, for you, in
Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics.