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Chechnyan War Secrets - Russian Army and Chechnyan Muslims
Chechnyan War Secrets
Russian Deceptions in Chechnya
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162 pages; 12 chapters and 2 appendixes
In the 1990s, all hell broke loose in the Islamic provinces on the former
Soviet Union. Suddenly, the leftist American media was daily
distributing stories about the heroic
Chechnyan resistance to
Soviet/Russian onslaughts. With delirious joy, reporters praised the
Chechnyan muslims’ so-called massacre of various Russian Army
troop units. The BBC even showed what were purported to be mobile
crematoriums, which were supposedly burning masses of Russian
corpses. The USMC approached Chechnyan commanders, hat in
hand, to request words of wisdom regarding how they defeated
Russian hordes. Within a short period of time, the
so-called heroic
Chechnyans were suddenly killing American soldiers
Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places in the world.
“  ‘It was then that we decided against conventional military logic, to counter-attack.  We were in a dilemma. Our fighters
did not want to dig defensive trenches as they considered it humiliating and the buildings in this area were too small and
fragile to withstand a tank attack.  [It is important to taunt Muslim troops constantly by defiling and ridiculing them with
public address systems, during battles. Such insults will casue many of them to break cover, and thus be annihilated in
the open. – Breaker McCoy] So we made a line between the Sunzha and Minutka, dug trenches and with approximately
40-50 men we advanced meter-by-meter digging more trenches as we crawled forward.  We did this until we reached the
first line of tanks and burned them.  We pressed until the tanks retreated then built additional trenches and advanced
even further,
Meanwhile, other developments were taking place at the Voykovo suspension bridge across the Sunzha.  Russian tanks
along the river were providing covering fire to infantry troops who managed to cross the bridge.  They advanced within
200 meters of my HQ and though I threw all my available forces against them we could not manage to stop the offensive.  
It was at this point that we decided to move our HQs and abandon our positions along the Sunzha.  The withdrawal was
organized in the same manner as retreat from the Presidential Palace and each unit knew in which order and at what time
to conduct this operation.  Soon, we had all retreated to our third line of defense along the mountain ridges that skirt
Grozny.’ “
Excerpt from Chechnyan War Secrets

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Russian Army in the Chechnyan War
Then another story began to emerge, in fact several more accurate and truer stories. It was then that the US media shut
down. They refused to do any stories that described
Chechnyan muslim terrorists in more accurate, negative, terms. That
is where QuikManeuvers picked up the slack. Hardheaded QuikManeuvers’ researchers began to investigate the possibility of
Russian military deception, while also investigating the obviously psychopathically murderous nature of Chechnyan
muslim terrorists
. Our findings refuted both leftist media stories floated for years, and the rubbish read so fervently by
scared US military bureaucrats.
Chechnyan War Secrets describes Russian deceptions in Chechnya, but it also describes the evil viciousness of
Chechnyan terrorism
. The method employed for bringing such information to the forebrain of the reader is different in
Chechnyan War Secrets than that found in other QuikManeuvers publications. In Chechnyan War Secrets, eleven
chapters, loaded with telling evidence, are provided for the readership, whose conclusions then will be their own.  In
Chechnyan War Secrets the reader will learn about Russian Army operations in Chechnya, Chechnyan imperialistic
operations throughout the Caucasus region, and will be provided insight how both vying adversaries think. At the same time,
Chechnyan War Secrets provides valuable insights into how the Chechnyans and the Russian Army fight tactical