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Chinese Communist Assault Infantry
Chinese Communist Assault Infantry
ChiCom Attack Tactics
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141 pages; 15 chapters and 1 appendix
America never paid much attention to Chinese communist assault infantry until the
Korean War. Then, because hordes of Chinese communist assault infantry
humiliated and defeated America’s conventional troops
in the Korean War, Chinese
communist assault infantry
was suddenly celebrated as a dangerous and to-be-feared
combat force. However,
Chinese communist assault infantry troops have never
been formidable
and, aside from a willingness to die in gross numbers, have evidenced
no salient military excellence.
In the Korean War, Chinese communist assault
were especially poor at combat tactics. Their awkward victories over US armed
forces occurred simply because American leadership was even worse than that of the
Chinese communist assault infantry. QuikManeuvers.com is now revealing the true
story of the
Chinese communist assault infantry in the Korean War. That story must
be told because
Chinese communist assault infantry, the feared denizens of the
Korean War, is on the march again
, reaching out to conquer the world. They have
already seized Tibet, Hong Kong, parts of Africa, the Panama Canal, and they are
threatening Taiwan. By the way, the
Chinese communist assault infantry is still very
similar to that tattered horde of bumblers that defeated the US Army in the
Korean War.
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“In operations against US 2nd Infantry Division rifle companies, the Chinese did not attempt a general envelopment of a
defensive perimeter at any stage. The focus of initial attack was usually the rear of the company perimeter. The full
weight of the attack would fall on one platoon position, or occasionally two, particularly if they were closely joined. After
breaking the perimeter, and consolidating the ground, the Chinese enemy would then press on against the open flank of
the next hill position. It was a general but not invariable pattern. When Chinese communist forces attacked Company F,
38th Infantry, all of that unit’s platoons were brought under heavy fire in an attack which continued throughout the night.
All of the defenders became close-pressed within a two-hour period, as the attack first developed. However, the weapons
platoon and company command post (CP), on the rear, were not invested by enemy infantry. However, they were hard hit
by mortar and machine gun fire from the flanks, The ChiCom enemy did not attack in a long skirmish line, nor did he
come on in successive waves against 2nd Division's infantry company perimeters. About 60 to 70 skirmishers was the
maximum which would be seen at any time in the attacking line. Usually the Chinese assault group would be composed of
30 to 40 men who were, in fact, launching limited probes.”
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