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Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Sabotage from CIA Analysts
CIA Analysts, an Expose
“The very Marxist OSS Research and Analysis Department (R&A) bequeathed to the US Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) a cadre with definite views on intelligence analysis as a tool for shaping national policy in a leftist direction. The
real task of intelligence, they believed, was to weave "a matrix that carried conviction" and was "firm enough to
support an official government statement." The facts were secondary. On a given day the amount and quality of facts
available would vary. But every day the government would have to act, and would need some basis for acting.
Somebody, they believed, had to take the responsibility for giving decision-makers officially authoritative reasons for
what they were doing, and it might as well be them. They thought it both ironic and inappropriate that the clandestine
services should receive so much publicity for work done best in secret, and analysts so little for "thoughtful,
dispassionate judgments on world affairs" that can be done as well in the light of day as in the dark. Their daily
preoccupation was to create the bureaucratic conditions under which they could command information from
throughout the U.S. government and, above all, have the unchallenged right to say what it meant. The purpose of
CIA intelligence analysts has always been to shape American foreign and domestic policy. Since over 95% of CIA
analysts are leftist, they seek to shape US policy to the left. Thus they have nothing to do with supply intelligence,
their actual job description. What they do is take raw intelligence and turn it into leftist propaganda. In that way they
sabotage US intelligence efforts. The game is the same where ever “analysts” play.”
Many Americans do not really understand the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
think the CIA is a spy agency of some sort, which actually carries out
. If they read much about the CIA, the word “analyst” appears most
. Many Americans are surprised that there are more CIA analysts (and
the bureaucrats related to them) than there are CIA personnel who have anything to
do with obtaining intelligence. Many people are also stunned to read the strongly anti-
American sentiments of dozens of former CIA employees in the media almost daily.
These men and women are invariably described as “former analysts”. In fact, there
are so many
CIA analysts who are highly antagonistic to the best interests of the US,
that they have formed their own organization with its own publication. That is why so
many people wonder, “Who are analysts, and what do they do?” More than that they
wonder, “Why are so many of them are apparently enemies of the government that
pays them?”
CIA analysts occupy the most important role in the CIA. Analysts are also the
most numerous job categories in the
CIA. Their job is simple; they rewrite
intelligence reports
. They are journalists and writers without any real knowledge
about much of anything.
How CIA Analysts Sabotage US Intelligence
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316 pages; 14 chapters and 8 appendixes
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Excerpt from CIA Analysts, an Expose
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CIA Analysts sources of Sabotage in US Intelligence
Since most CIA analysts are leftists, their intelligence reports are invariably slanted or biased, and of little value. CIA
Analysts, an Expose
explains how CIA analysts exploit their positions at the center of US intelligence to shape American
domestic and foreign policy to the left. That is the real purpose of
CIA intelligence analysis, and the best intelligence
agencies in the world do their job unburdened by
intelligence analysts who are superfluous and actually impede national
intelligence efforts
. CIA Analysts, an Expose explains how they use their slanted reports to sabotage America’s
intelligence effort.