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Central Intelligence Agency Deception
CIA Deception Maxims
“A close study of this document will reveal that it is essentially an academic research effort
essentially derived from a
study of World War II deceptions. The Central Intelligence
had high hopes for its research effort. "It is anticipated that these maxims and other
results from this research will aid intelligence analysts in thinking about the
problem of
and in detecting, analyzing and evaluating foreign deception schemes relevant
to current intelligence problems."
In fact the academic research contained in this section is too academic to be useful in a day-
to-day sense. It certainly doesn't demonstrate any innovative or imaginative thinking on the
CIA's part. However, such ponderous exposition is not surprising, given the CIA's abysmal
record of dealing with deception.”
America’s outmoded Central Intelligence Agency’s approach to deception is both
academic and pedantic. The
arrogant CIA has repeatedly told the world that it is both
penetration-proof and deception-proof. Such propaganda is exacerbated by the fact that
the agency has resorted to many deceits to mask the truth regarding its competence. Perhaps
the most
bizarre CIA invention is the agency’s oft repeated and convenient hypothesis that
mythical 'operating rules' guide the standard operating procedures of other intelligence
agencies. Those fantasy rules supposedly mean that most
other intelligence agencies
“ever practice deception.”
The arrogance, incompetence, and traitorous behavior of
the Central Intelligence Agency
is only exceeded by its academic research fixation.
The Central Intelligence Agency’s Approach to Deception
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65 pages; 10 maxims and 3 appendices
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Excerpt from CIA Deception Maxims
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