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CIA Lock Picking
CIA Lock Picking
"Either of these techniques is intended to be a method of convenience for opening locks in emergency type
situations. Obviously, the method for making keys referred to, as impressioning would be far more desirable since
both processes take about the same time and only one yields both an open lock and a working key. However, there
are times when picking is the most logical method to use (i.e. when someone is locked out of a house or car and the
keys are inside). Both methods are predicated on their efficiency and, should either take an undue amount of time, it
is questionable how worthwhile they are when a method such as drilling is so quick and sure, though more
CIA Lock Picking describes simply and with expert drawings, simple methods of lock
, which can be used by any spy. Lock picking is the technique of opening locks.
Every aspect of
lock picking is spelled out so that the individual interested in employing lock
picking in espionage
will be able to master the subject in the shortest time possible. CIA
Lock Picking
is an e-book of an Operative Training Manual of the Central Intelligence
, and as such is focused upon what a spy needs to know and practice in order to pick
all types of locks.  Every person concerned with surreptitious entry will find
CIA Lock Picking
a viable alternative to using keys, and a preparatory manual for counter
spy activity.
Operative Training Manual
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49 pages; 7 chapters
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CIA Lock Picking