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City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat - City Fighting Tactics of WW2
City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat
A Comparison of the Experiences of 5 Nations
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382 pages; 30 chapters
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City Fight is a unique e-book that comprehensively describes World War II urban
combat or street fighting tactics
. It is a “one of a kind” compendium of the best
that has been learned from
World War II urban battles. Twenty-four World War II
Eastern Front urban battles
are recounted in City Fight. Years of earnest
research by the best veteran fighters/thinkers in the world, was invested in the
research and study necessary for writing this e-book.
City Fight offers the best
street fighting reports, covering every possible condition of terrain and maneuver.
These facts were wrenched out of dusty
World War II files, hidden within the coffers
of five nations: Germany, the USSR, Britain (including Canada), Japan, and the USA.
Special attention was paid to the explanation of
street fighting tactics that are as
applicable today as they were then.
City Fight provides a comprehensive explanation of the principles and variations of
combat in cities and town. Each of
City Fight’s 30 chapters is based on real
battlefield experience, copiously illustrated with maps and pertinent imagery.
The reader of
City Fight will learn how to exploit the offensive and defensive options
urban battles. He will become a hunter within the urban area, now owned by him,
as his target-rich hunting ground.
City Fight’s descriptions of many key tricks and
ruses of city combat will become part of the reader’s repertoire of deadly
fighting tactics
"The German company commander discovered a Russian 37mm automatic antiaircraft cannon ready for action and
covered with the blood of its dead crew. The company commander climbed into the seat. His two messengers attached the
magazines and, although the commander had never fired such a gun before, it blazes away bravely when he presses the
trigger. Suddenly large caliber, explosive shells were blowing off Soviet heads, arms and legs as the hot rounds howled
into the midst of communist units preparing to counter attack.
Shrieking in terror, a number of Soviet troops bolt for the rear as they continue to be shot to pieces. The panzer grenadier
commander and his crew grin through their battle-blackened faces. “Hell awaits you comrades,” they scream in Russian at
the terrified Russkis."
Excerpt from City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat

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City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat