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Light Infantry Maneuver Warfighting book
Close Assault
A Tao of Light Infantry Close Combat
© 2002
347 pages; 20 chapters and 6 appendixes
Discover the cordite-scented arena of close combat! You'll be
guided on a voyage of discovery as you l
earn how light infantry
and smaller units fight, up close. This hand-to-hand
volume offers not-for-the-squeamish insights never spotlighted
before. The reader will understand the truth of
light infantry
combat, as revealed by the actions of
US Army’s Delta Force and
serving in Task Force Ranger during the humiliation at
Mogadishu. The reader will learn how light infantry troops can
be used and should be
employed in maneuver warfighting.
Everything, from the importance of prescribed foxhole strength to
the realities of close combat, will be laid bare.
Light infantry
, so dependent upon the machine gun and RPG, will be
explained along with the inter-relationship of infantry scouts,
snipers and desant command decapitation in that semi-obscure
battle arena of non-linear
Review Table of Contents
”The Mogadishu fighting in Somalia in October 1991, well illustrated the point that light infantry must be
to maneuver combat in at least battalion sized formations. Two platoons of American Rangers and
one platoon of America’s "elite"
Delta Force (totaling 100 men), sixteen helicopters of the 160th Special Operations
Aviation Regiment and twelve trucks, all belonging to
US Task Force Ranger, conducted one of their set-piece
"special ops" in
Mogadishu expecting to be successful. Inadequately armed with machineguns and possessing no
RPGs, the company-sized American
light infantry unit tried to take on the equivalent of several Somalia guerrilla
battalion-equivalents inside the
urban jungle of Mogadishu. After the American special operators helicoptered in
to seize an enemy building, all hell broke loose!
Task Force Ranger was cut off, cut up and ultimately decimated
by armed Somalia gangs. Although later reinforced to over 100 men, the
Rangers and members of Delta Force
outgunned and outmaneuvered.
Only when most of the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment of the US 10th Light Mountain Division intervened with
attached tanks and APCs was the situation saved from a total wipeout. (The
light infantry convoy invading
after the first repulse consisted of over 100 vehicles and took hours to advance one mile.) As it was,
the crude, "amateur" Somali gangs won, killing over twenty US troops and wounding another ninety US troops, as
well as taking at least one American prisoner.”
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