Combat Military Leadership E Books For Sale
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Combat Military Leadership E Books For Sale
Military Leadership E Books For Sale
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
1st Panzer Division
The Best-Trained Panzer Division

17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division, “Goetz von Berlichingen”
The Toughest SS Panzer Grenadier Division

291st Combat Infantry Division
Un-noticed German Elite Division

The 353rd Infantry Division’s Glory
German 353rd Infantry Division: Birth to Death  

5th SS Viking Division
SS Panzer Combat, Eastern Front

6th Panzer Division Glory Vol. 1
6th Panzer Division Glory Vol. 2
Elite German Army Panzer Division

6th SS Mountain Division, Finland
6th SS Nord, Far North Combat

7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound
Reliable Eastern Front Panzer Division

Afghan vs. Soviet Tactics
How to Cut LOCs and Win

Afghanistan, the Next US Defeat
Conventional US Generals Are Losing the War

Amateur Generals' High Tech Obsession
Directed Telescopes Rejected

American Vietnam War Traitors
How Traitorous Leftist Politicians, Media and the Democratic Party Sabotaged
America During The Vietnam War

Army of Darkness
Russian / Red Army Military Genius 1941 To 2006

Artillery in the City
Artillery in Urban War

Barbarossa Breakthrough
Germany Smashes Soviet Command and Commo

Barbarossa Trap
Red Army Traps the German Army

Battle Leadership
German Army Secrets (by Captain Adolph Von Schnell, 1933)

Battle of Lenino
1st Polish Rifle Division's Attack

Battles of Bloody & Heartbreak Ridge
Korean War Mountain Combat

Bayonets and Blood
Bayonet Adrenalin

Bloody Leningrad Front
Spanish Blue Division WW2

Budapest Defense 1944
SS Cavalry Urban Lethality

Bureaucrat Generals
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals

Center of Gravity
Strategy, Operational Art and Maneuver War

Chechen Terrorist Group Tactics
Ideological Small Unit Combat

Chinese Communist Assault Infantry
ChiCom Attack Tactics

City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat
A Comparison of the Experiences of 5 Nations

Combat General’s Battle Book
US Army Doctrine For Generals

Communist Uprising in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Counter Terror War

Competent Generals
Israeli Generals Explain War

Conquest of Brest-Litovsk 1941
Death of a Chaotic Soviet Fortress

Death on Bougainville
How the Infantry Died

Defeat of the German Luftwaffe
How Attrition Killed the Great Luftwaffe

The Devil’s Brigade
The 1st Special Service Force

Eastern Front Artillery Tactics
Artillery Combat Leningrad, WW2

Elite Infantry of South Africa
SADF’s Best Infantry Units

Finnish Front Close Combat
Infantry Combat, Murmansk Front

Flying Columns in War
Deep Thrusts by Flying Columns

Forest Battle Tactics
Forest Combat, Eastern Front

Forward Detachment War
Soviet Spearhead of Victory

French-Algerian War Secrets
General M. Challe Refutes History

French Cavalry 1940
French Cavalry Operations

French Indochina Army Tactics
French Expeditionary Combat Leadership

French Indochina War, Fortifications
De Lattre Line Maneuver Hinge

French Methodical Battle
How French Doctrine Caused Defeat

French Paratroop War, Indochina
The Glory of French Paratroops

General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics
Infantry Platoon and Company Tactics

General Tactics
French Army Maneuver War

Generals Gone Bad
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals

General’s Guide to War
Sharpening the Combat Edge

Generals Led by Staffs
Who Really Leads US Army Units

German 12th Infantry Division
Subverted By Traitors, WW2

German Anti-Partisan Tactics
Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics

German Army Combat Doctrine
Think Like a German Commander

German Army Combat Facts
Unique Facts About the German Army

German Army Conquest of Yugoslavia
Operation 25, 1941

German Army Defense of Berlin
World War II, Battle of Berlin

German Army Eastern Front Weaknesses
Improvisations for Holding the Red Army

German Army Infantry Regiment Attack
Attack Methods of German Regiments

German Army Motorized Infantry Regiment
German Army Infantry Field Manual

German Army Operational Level Defense
Operational Art in Defeat

German Army Smoke Screens
The German Army Combat Edge

German Army Training
Building German Army Combat Skill

German Army Warrior Officers
Secrets of WW2 German Officer Selection Success

German Assault Engineer Battles
How Small Expert Teams Defeated Fortresses

German Assault Grenadiers
78th Sturm Grenadier Division

German Bicycle Tactics
German Army Bicycle Troops: WWI

German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
Anti-Tank Stukas on the Eastern Front

German Corps Defends Donets River
11th German Corps’ Desperate Defense  

German Defensive Methods
Soviet General Staff Document

German General Albert Kesselring
One of Germany’s Best Generals

German Generals Explain War
Generals Balck and Von Mellenthin on Tactics

German High Seas Fleet
German Navy Command Perspective

German Horse Cavalry & Mechanization
German Horse Cavalry, WW2  

German Infantry Invade Russia
German 52nd Infantry Division USSR, 1941

German Luftwaffe Flak
Germany’s Antiaircraft Armies

German Machine Gun Tactics
Machine Gun War, WW2

German Naval War WW2
The Conduct of the War at Sea

German Paratroop Operations
The Fallschirmjäger Elite, WW2

German Squad in Combat
Rifle Squad Leadership in the WWII German Army

German Strongpoints, Eastern Front
German Army Hedgehog Defense

German Tactical Position Defense
Eastern Front Divisional Defenses

Germany’s Antitank Weakness
High Command Tactical Level Sabotage

Guadalcanal Campaign
America’s First WW2 Offensive Action

Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook
Insight into the Confused US Military Mind

Herman Goring Panzer Division
An Under-Rated Panzer Division

High Command
The Psychology of Generalship

Hitler’s Generals, 1943

How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
Backstabbing in Africa

Human Wave
Chinese Attack Tactics: Korean War

Imperial Japanese Army Cavalry
Jap Cavalry Combat, East Asia

Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
Why the Japanese Routed the Brits

Incompetent Generals
How US Generals Failed in Vietnam

Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I
The Gulf War I Cover Up

Indian Special Forces Combat Diary
RAW Special Recon Field Agents

Inside the German General Staff
Wehrmacht General Staff Sabotage

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
US Army’s IPB, Defective Crutch for Amateurs

IRA Terror Shock Action
Urban Close Combat

IRA’s General Michael Collins
IRA, Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday

Iranian Human Wave
Iraq-Iran War 1980-88

Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook
IRA Guerrilla Warfare Methods

Israeli Army Demoralization
How American Doctrine Defeated and Demoralized the Israeli Army 2006

Italian Army Blood
Reluctant Soldiery, WWII

Japanese Army Invincibility Myth
Japanese Army’s Centrifugal Offensive

Japanese Tank Hunting Tactics
Japanese Individual Tank Killing

Kaiserschlacht: German 1918 Offensive
Last German Army WWI Offensive

Korean War Combat: 1950-51
Korean War: Infantry Operations and Weapons

Kursk, What Really Happened?
Operation Citadel and Historic Lies

Kwantung Army
Japanese Generals vs. the Red Army, Manchuria

Lancers Charge
German Horse Cavalry WWI

Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite
Confederate Army Sharpshooter Battalions

Loyalty is My Honor
Waffen SS Combat Leadership

ManTracker Warfighter
The Fusion of Tracking and Combat

Meeting Engagements
Encounter Battle 1939-1965

Military Intelligence Templating
Military Intelligence Battlefield Failures

Mobile Command
Combat Mobile Unit Command Since Antiquity

North Korean Battle Tactics
World’s Most Fanatic Combatants

Organizing a Subversive Underground
How to Create an Insurgency

The Panzer General was a Traitor
116th Panzer Division 1944-45

Panzer Lehr Division
An Over-Rated Panzer Formation

Panzer Tactics
German Panzer Tactical Combat

Assault Infantry Deep Penetration Strikes

Principles of Strategy?
Historically Amateurish Strategic War

Pursuit Commandos
The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism, 1954-62

Ranger Companies in Korea
US Korean War Ranger Companies

Rangers: Afghanistan and Iraq
US Army Ranger Officer Interviews

Red Air Force Fighters: WW2
Soviet Fighter Tactics: Ost Front

Red Army Scientific War
Soviet Army Warfighting Norms

Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics
Soviet Army Smoke & Deception

Red Army Tactics
Soviet Army, World War II

Red Army Warfighting
Soviet Tactics and Support, WW2

Red Partisan Manual
Red Army Partisans Combat and Survival

Red Star Over Africa
South Africa’s War Against African Marxism

Rifle Squads, World War II
The Fifty Meter War

The Russian Army, 1944

Russian Army Combat Thinking
Tactical Innovations of the Russian Army

Russian Paratroops, World War IV
Russian Elite Shows How To Fight Muslims

Secrets of Improvised Explosive Devices
IEDs Defeat US Armed Forces

Secrets of Soviet Mountain Combat
The Red Army’s Mountain Tactics

Shock Action and Close Combat
Warfighting with Extreme Violence and Tempo

Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
Otto Skorzeny, Warrior Extraordinaire

Soviet Armored Train Tactics
Red Armored Trains in Combat

South African Flying Columns
20th SADF Bde Operational Art

Soviet Army War Book
Red Army War Combat Principles

Soviet Artillery Tactics
Red Arty Fire Control: 1941-44

Soviet Battles in Afghanistan
Red Army Fights Islamic Terrorists

Soviet Encirclement of Germans
Five Major Eastern Front Pockets

Soviet Operational Defense
How to Beat an Operational Level Offense

Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics
Red Army Troops Disguised as Partisans

Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics
Fighting at the Micro-Tactical Level WWII

Soviet Tank Tactics, Eastern Front
Red Army Tank Combat: 1943-45

Special Forces Use of Pack Animals
Pack Animals for Light Infantry Ops

Squad Tactical Combat Training
US Marine Tactical Warfighting

SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front
How the 2nd SS Panzer Corps Rescued the 6th Army
and Scored a Bloody Victory

Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor
Operation Valkyrie Treason

Streets of Fire
Defending Villages

Subterranean Warfighting Blues
Underground War: Petersburg to 2010

Tanks in the City
Armor Dominates Urban Warfare

Thunder on the Euphrates
Secrets of the Persian Gulf War

To Catch a Tank – “Big Game” Hunting Made Easy
How an Individual Can Destroy a Tank

Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?

Traitors of the Third Reich
Why Germany Lost World War II

Underground Subversive Operations
Shaping Ideology and Subversion

Urban Kill Zone
Fighting Terrorists in Cities

US Army Regiment Annihilated
Incompetence, Chosin Reservoir, 1950

USMC Warfighting Manual
Maneuver War’s Brief Shining Camelot

US Military Intelligence Failure
US Military Intelligence Collapse

Velikiye Luki Encirclement
German Valor, Blood, & Toughness

Vengeance: American Resistance 1
Minutemen Combat Manual

Vengeance: American Resistance 2
Minutemen Intelligence and Security Manual

Vengeance: American Resistance 3
Minutemen Recruitment and Training Manual

Vengeance: American Resistance 4
Minutemen Survival Manual

Volkhov's Unburied Dead
Soviet Defeat in the Volkhov Pocket

Waffen SS Officer Training
Waffen SS Combat Ethos

How To Be A Modern Combat General

Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual
Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands

White Ghosts in the Snow
Ski War, Eastern Front

Winter of the Corpses
Why the Wehrmacht was Defeated at Moscow
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
All American writers and journalists lean away from direct and accurate
examinations of combat military leadership in the 20th and 21st centuries. e-books of the Combat Military Leadership category
eschews time worn generalities and inappropriate clichés, in favor of hard
hitting, up front and personal descriptions of incompetent and competent
combat military leadership in the modern era.
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
Combat Military Leadership E-Books
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Combat Military Leadership E-Books