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Combat Silencers used by Snipers in Stealth Combat
Combat Silencers
Tactical Stealth Operations
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103 pages; 7 chapters and 1 appendix
Combat Silencers is a unique report on silenced and suppressed weapons, as well
as the tactics of stealth combat
. The use of silencers by snipers armed with rifle
, including a discussion of Soviet Army snipers, makes the book a truly unique
For over fifty years,
silencers have influenced stealth combat tactics. Silencers have
been used repeatedly by
snipers armed with rifle silencers, although the most frequent
use of silencers has been with pistols. This book discusses
the historical use of
beginning with World War 2 with German and OSS adaptations of silencers, and
brings it forward to modern day use of low-signature or suppressed weapons, including
sub-machine guns, by snipers armed with rifle silencers and special operations soldiers.
tactics of the special operations soldier frequently require participation in stealth
, for which a silencer is tailor made. This book is for educational purposes only,
since silencers are illegal.
Review Table of Contents
“Several distinct types of noise of high or low degree, are produced by firearms in operation. Detonation comes first,
followed by the muzzle blast of expanding gases (the joint between revolver cylinders and barrels adds to this), and then
comes the shock wave created by bullet velocity. If the weapon is of the semi or full automatic variety there are also
mechanical noises produced. If these several noises could be silenced or materially reduced, a number of obvious
advantages would be gained, particularly by the military. A sentry or guard can be killed silently with a knife, but it is
difficult to stalk within killing range without the alarm being given. A silenced firearm could do the job from a distance. It
would indeed be helpful on night raids or patrols, and for silently wiping out isolated outposts of the enemy.”
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