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Combat Snipers, SVD Sniper Rifle How-to book
Combat Snipers
How to Become a Better Sniper
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444 pages; 33 chapters, and 6 appendixes
Most of the many sniper books on the market repeat the same things over and
over. They focus on sniper methods, sniper weapon specifications, and an
overview of famous snipers.
Combat Snipers rejects that formula, in favor of
sniper tactics, the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, the 22 caliber
sniper rifle
, Muslim snipers, and counter-sniping. The rifle is just a tool.
But, a sniper who does not carry a semi-automatic
sniper rifle with an
effective range of 800 meters is at risk.
Combat Snipers offers the reader
unique information.
Review Table of Contents
“In early April 2004, in Ramadi Iraq, a Muslim sniper wiped out a squad of United States Marines using a Soviet-
Draganov SVD sniper rifle: "12 shots, 12 kills," a Marine officer reported. The marksmanship indicated
either imported jihadist talent or a member of the old regime's military elite. Twelve dead is too many. The marines
Muslim snipers are killing more and more American troops? Bravo Company's Corporal Romulo Jimenez, age 21
from Bellington, West Virginia died because of poor training. On Wednesday, Nov. 10, around 2 p.m., Corporal
Jimenez was shot in the neck by a
Muslim sniper as he advanced with his platoon through the northern end of
Fallujah, just near the green-domed Muhammadia Mosque. He died instantly. Where are the marine’s
The US Marines were deployed to the Middle East in 2003-2005. According to the marines, marine snipers include
some of the most ineffective snipers ever fielded by the military of a major world power. The evidence? Wednesday,
August 3, 2005, six U.S. Marine snipers were ambushed and killed  by terrorists. Five of the marine snipers died
Monday during a Muslim attack on their patrol outside Haditha, according to a Marine Corps news release. The
body of the sixth marine sniper was discovered later a few miles away. All were killed by small-arms fire, the Marines
said. How were they killed? By
22 caliber sniper rifles or a Draganov SVD sniper rifle? “
Excerpt from Combat Snipers
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Sniper Rifle for Combat Snipers