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Commissars at War - NKVD Commissars, Eastern Front
Commissars at War
NKVD Commissars, Eastern Front
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69 pages; 4 chapters
During World War II, on the Eastern Front, the Red Army’s
performance was monitored and shaped by
communist commissars
at war.
Soviet Commissars at War were fanatic communist political
officials of the Soviet secret police, the
NKVD. It was the purpose of
those fanatical
communist commissars at war to indoctrinate,
agitate, motivate and reinforce the discipline of
Red Army soldiers who
were also disciplined and led by
Red Army officers. Before each
planned offensive operation, the
commissars at war stirred up Red
soldier’s hatred and resolve, which was reinforced by liberal
dosages of vodka that added an alcoholic craze to the influence of the
commissars. The communist dictator, Stalin, and his murderous,
psychopathic henchmen, realized that the only way to overcome the
widespread fear and shaky loyalty of their police state zombies was to
enhance their battle readiness with
Commissars at War.
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"The basic tasks of communist commissar, party-political work in Red Army Eastern Front offensive operations
were: to rally the personnel around the Leninist party, to indoctrinate them in a spirit of the ideas of
Marxism-Leninism, wholehearted loyalty to the socialist motherland, ardent Soviet patriotism and proletarian
internationalism, burning hatred for the German invaders, the maintaining of the high moral and political state of
the troops and indoctrinating the men in great offensive zeal and confidence in a communist victory. It was a tall
order and generous rations of vodka certainly helped."
Excerpt from Commissars at War
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Commissars at War - NKVD Commissars, Eastern Front