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Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing
Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing
White Middle and Working Classes are Genocide Targets
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210 pages; 8 chapters, 4 appendixes
Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing is the current concern of
all non-communist white people. Yet it is a something that most people are
afraid to even mention lest they be accused, themselves, of being racist and
fascist. Most white people have no racist outlooks, they just want to be left
alone. Yet they are the target of
communist-black supremacist ethnic
Although Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing is
the first brave book about
communist-black supremacist ethnic cleansing
for majority reading, it is an introductory volume, one that everybody should
Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing explains the
psychopathic genocidal and white slavery intentions of
. It is the beginning of a whole series of e-books which present
long suppressed evidence of
communist-black supremacist ethnic
and, most importantly, how to peacefully resist the takeover of
America by a dangerous
communist-black supremacist tyranny.
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“Imagine waking up one morning to a day filled with growing racist violence. "Who orchestrated this?" so many white
Americans will ask, as they try in vain to get police or federal government assistance, even as death draws near? The
selective murder of white families could be triggered by anything:
        another police-assaulting Afro-motorist beaten by police,
        the shooting of a fleeing Afro-suspect,
        the discontinuation of a parasitic minority social program,
        a black-racist church or concert inciting violence bursting forth into the surrounding area,
        or any of a wide variety of incidents.
Can you imagine watching television reports throughout that day, watching the violence grow from random to organized,
and then to the systematic killings of entire families only because they had white skin?  Imagine the fear and frustration of
millions of unarmed white Americans.”
Excerpt from Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing
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Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing