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Competent Generals - Israeli Generals in War on Terror
Competent Generals
Israeli Generals Explain War
© 2007
151 pages; 13 chapters
The West and Christendom are now besieged by the most hateful barbaric scourge the
world has ever known,
muslim imperialism. Now, Israel is being assailed from all sides,
especially from anti-semitic fanatics within the US State Department and CIA. Leftist
subversion and rot is beginning to destabilize Israel. Yet one salient fact rises above that
Only Israeli Generals seem to understand the reality of the situation and are
competent enough to deal with it.
Competent Generals: Israeli Generals Explain War is a book that introduces the
American public to the
thinking of Israeli generals. Israeli generals are not only
capable of winning on the battlefield, but they are also able to articulate their outlook. It is
embarrassing to contrast the sorry, servile, peacenik attitude of most
conventional generals to Israeli generals
. America’s bureaucratic generals don’t talk
about war because they don’t understand war. The few books produced by them consist
either of childish drivel or leftist political diatribes.
Competent Generals: Israeli Generals
Explain War
will help the reader better understand how professional generals think. The
book also includes information on the subversive behavior of the emotionally leftist Israeli
poseur, Martin Van Crevald, who is predicting the total defeat of both America and Israel at
the hands of the muslims.
Review Table of Contents
“Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, was criticized by his own generals for suddenly agreeing to a forty-eight hour
suspension of air strikes in Lebanon without the knowledge and agreement of Israeli generals, the Israeli public, or most
members of government. Such a failure to consult is unheard of. A terrorized and incoherent Olmert caved in to both
Hezbollah demands and the demands of leftists from all over the world, whose primary objective was to save Hezbollah
from a humiliating defeat. Hezbollah, a vicious terror organization, is the darling of both the US media and the US State
Department. The Israeli Prime Minister ordered a halt to the Israeli air campaign against Hezbollah after the bombing of a
house in the Lebanese town of Qana, which killed more than fifty muslims, including some children. That incident was
used as an excuse by international leftists and their muslim allies to scream for Israeli heads. Olmert forgot that Hezbollah
has been responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent Israeli children and other civilians.
Olmert’s cease-fire directive came after a secret meeting, demanded by US Sect of State, Condo Rice, who was angry
because she was forced to cancel the Lebanese leg of her tour after Israeli bombing enraged Hezbollah and its muslim
allies in Beirut. Rice pressured and threatened Olmert, who proved to be a wretched coward as he backed down before
the raging anti-semite.
Olmert’s decision concerned his senior officers, who feared that they are battling against a covert foreign leftist diplomatic
control scam that refuses to permit the crushing of Hezbollah. Many Israeli generals insisted that their air campaign
continue, even as the US State Department announced to its muslim fiends, (or is it friends?), in Washington that Israeli
bombing would temporarily end.”
Excerpt from Competent Generals
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Competent Generals - Israeli Generals in War on Terror