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South Africa book
Comrade Nelson Mandela, Communist
Marxist Racist Darling of the American Democratic Party
© 2006
64 pages; 6 chapters
During the past ten years, the leftist American media has
bombarded the American taxpayers with a deluge of
praising Nelson Mandela a terrorist of South Africa
, as a
great statesman and freedom fighter. Those lies are swiftly
repudiated in this introductory text
describing Nelson Mandela
a terrorist of South Africa
, the communist. Nelson Mandela a
terrorist of South Africa has never disguised his hatred for
the people and freedoms of the United States
, and he has
repeatedly described his disdain before Leftist/Communists
organizations all over the world. This booklet includes the text of a
paper written by Nelson Mandela, with some help from leftist
literati, entitled “How to be a Good Communist”. Open up your
eyes and read the truth.
Review Table of Contents
“The problem is that Mandela has achieved next to nothing in his relatively short political career which saw South Africa
rapidly decline to the status of the world's most violent and crime-ridden country
. To add to the confusion, is the
fact that his greatest friends are communists and Muslim dictators like Fidel Castro, Moammar Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat
and Saddam Hussein. His ex-wife Winnie Mandela, whom he quickly jettisoned when it became clear she was a
considerable embarrassment to his political career, is a self-confessed advocate of terrorism and violence, and has even
committed murder. Nelson and Winnie Mandela are an African version of Bill and Hillary Clinton. In his public statements
and speeches Mandela is always critical of the democratic countries of the west, but has nothing but praise for the
remaining communist and Muslim dictatorships of the world. He condemns mistakes and controversial policies of the west,
but refuses to publicly condemn the genocides and brutal repression of current or former communist countries; he is
supposedly a “champion of freedom and democracy”, the “hero of oppressed people everywhere” but considers
dictatorships like Cuba and Libya shining beacons of freedom and justice...”"
Excerpt from Comrade Nelson Mandela
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Nelson Mandela a Terrorist of South Africa