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Counter Espionage, Hunting Enemy Spies
Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies
“Edward J. Epstein has provided, for all who will listen, a rational intelligence perspective: "...espionage, by definition,
is illegal. It is the theft of secrets from a foreign state. It involves bribing, blackmailing, or otherwise persuading a
foreign national, in contravention of the laws of his country, to supply secret material or to plant an eavesdropping
device. In addition, it is almost invariably necessary to use false identities, lies, and other deceptions to hide the theft
itself. The process of organizing lawbreaking, as well as deceit, may be justified on the grounds that it is necessary
for the safety and survival of a state, or, as it is called, raisons d'etat...."
American intelligence agencies don't seem to be able to understand the major differences in their approach and
maneuver espionage. Neither do they understand that human behavior is the driving force of all intelligence
processes, not machine behavior."...Espionage, since it is based on human vulnerabilities, can penetrate even the
most heavily guarded repositories of national secrets...Espionage can also succeed over relatively long periods of
time, since an agent, once enticed into illegally cooperating, can be blackmailed into continuing and recruiting
others...Whereas technical collection is based on the leakage from electronic transmissions and physical
phenomena, espionage is predicated on human leakage: it seeks to compromise individuals with access to secrets.
If successful, it not only forces the individuals illicitly to divulge secrets, but it keeps the enemy from knowing that his
secret has been compromised. In doing so, it often provides the key which enables technical collection to be
productive against secret information... espionage is unexpected theft from within the enemy's inner sanctum,
technical collection is expected interception from outside..." “
American intelligence agencies, including the CIA, DIA and FBI do not know how to locate
or catch spies. The only
enemy spies ever caught by any US agency have been the
result of a rare accident of luck, such as a foreign walk-in defector who identifies
. Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies explains the art of counter espionage
and tracking enemy spies
. Borrowing from a variety of disciplines and intelligence
Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies explains a number of effective methods
for offensively identifying, targeting and
eradicating enemy spies. Some of the methods
were used in World War II, while others were developed recently. Such methods will never
be used by the CIA, DIA or FBI, because all three agencies are loaded with incompetent
and treasonous personnel.
Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies explains how enemy
spies could be run to earth by offensive counter espionage methods.
Counter Intelligence and Tracking Enemy Spies
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258 pages; 22 chapters and 3 appendixes
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Counter Espionage - Tacking Enemy Spies