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Counter Guerrilla Tactics
Counter Guerrilla Combat
Tactics and Techniques of Counter Guerrilla Operations
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116 pages; 4 chapters and 2 appendixes
Counter Guerrilla Combat was a manual used by the Special Warfare School at Ft.
Bragg, NC for school purposes only. It describes the
tactics of counter guerrilla
. These counter guerrilla operations tactics were used during the
Vietnam War
and thereafter. The book provides more than enough information for
anyone interested in the subject. The methods outlined in the book are a hodge-podge of
learned from studying the counter guerrilla tactics of foreign armies,
especially the German Army of World War Two.
Review Table of Contents
“The secure establishment of base areas, forward bases and outposts requires the detailed attention of the commander
at the outset for it is during these initial operations, when the troops have not yet be-come acclimatized to the area and
when the enemy is still unfamiliar to them that they are especially susceptible
prey for guerrilla techniques. In these
base areas troops must feel secure in their beds, staffs must be able to plan uninterruptedly and in general a calmness
must pervade the area. In order to do this,
SECURITY must be the primary consideration. Whether the base is cleared
civilian housing, or troops living in tents, or makeshift quarters (which most often will be the case in jungle-swamp terrain,
the area must be surrounded by fence(s) or guard posts and may include mines, trip flares and other such devices.
Civilians are not allowed within the compound. Motor parks and supply points must be established, and to the extent
possible, they should be incorporated within the troop compound area to minimize sentry requirements. Surrounding the
entire area is a designated restricted zone in which no one is authorized. Orders to the effect that persons seen therein
will be shot on sight must be publicized. (Such an area is restricted to our own forces, as well, to
discourage guerrillas
from wearing friendly uniforms)”
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Excerpt from Counter Guerrilla Combat
Counter Guerrilla Tactics