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Counter Spy, Counter Intelligence Action against Traitors
Counter Spy
“Aldrich Ames was a CIA employee for 31 years, mainly in the Directorate of Operations. He volunteered his services
to the KGB in 1985. During the following nine years until his arrest in February 1994, Ames compromised over 100
intelligence operations against the Soviet Union and passed several thousand classified documents to the KGB and
its successor organization, the Russian SVR. His betrayal led to the execution of 10 Soviet officials working for CIA.
There were many warning, ignored by the CIA, that Ames was untrustworthy. In 1976, while on his way to meet a CIA
source in New York, Ames left a briefcase of classified materials identifying the source on a subway train. Although
the briefcase was ultimately recovered by the FBI, it might well have compromised the source. In 1980 he left Top
Secret communications equipment unsecured in his office.
In Mexico City during 1981-1983, he failed to report his "close and continuing" intimate relationship with a foreign
national, Rosario Casas Dupuy, who later became his wife. In 1984, he used poor judgment by bringing his then-
mistress, Rosario, to CIA operational housing where CIA undercover officers were staying. In 1985, while assigned to
the debriefing of Soviet KGB defector Vitaliy Yurchenko, Ames violated security by taking his mistress to the safe
house where Yurchenko was staying. Also in 1985, he had a security violation for leaving his safe open.”
Counter Spy: Counter Intelligence Action is an editorialized version of a publication of the
US government.
Counter Spy: Counter Intelligence Action explains in simple yet through
detail the various
ways that foreign spies and domestic traitors obtain and sell out US
. Three chapters are devoted to US traitors. Counter Spy: Counter Intelligence
is an excellent basic book that explains the variety of threats to American security from
both a categorical standpoint. It also discusses the veritable
flood of domestic traitors that
are swamping the USA. It also highlights the
value of counter spying or counter
that is so frequently over looked by US intelligence agencies.
Counter Intelligence Action
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415 pages; 23 chapters
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Counter Spy - Counter Intelligence Action against Traitors