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Counter Terrorist Intelligence - Intelligence Collection, Terrorist Uprising
Counter Terrorist Intelligence
Intelligence Collection, Terrorist Uprising
© 2007
109 pages; 12 chapters
Counter Terrorist Intelligence is about the real war against muslim
imperialism terrorism
. Counter Terrorist Intelligence is also a book
about how the so-called war on terrorism is a fraud that the leftist ruling
elite in America has set up as an American taxpayer defeat.
Terrorist Intelligence
clearly defines both the international muslim
imperialist terrorist enemy
and those domestic leftist traitors who
are their fervent allies. The irony of the American taxpayer simultaneously
paying for both sides of the war at the same times seems beyond
comprehension, but it is a fact.
Counter Terrorist Intelligence is a grim
book about reality. Will
muslim imperialist terrorist be the victor as
planned by the ruling
US leftist elite? Let’s get it on.
Review Table of Contents
” ‘[We] attack an enemy who is invisible, fluid, uncatchable” (such statements exemplify that the enemy is unbeatable and
prepare national military and intelligence types to accept inevitable defeat).  The same thing was done in French Algeria
in the 1950s and 1960s. In Algeria, a few generals realized that even after they won the war, leftist French politics would
surrender to the muslims. They especially despised the French policy of promising the muslim and French population of
Algeria (the same promises had been made in Tunisia and Morocco) that France would remain in control. “Colonel
Bertrand, a man for whom I have the greatest admiration and respect and with whom I have been closely associated for
most of my military career, also concentrated on military activity, not out of blindness but for moral reasons. He felt we had
no right to deny the Algerians their independence even if only a small minority demanded it. He believed Algeria would
sooner or later get its independence anyway. There was no point, therefore, in trying to involve the population on our side
and prepare nasty morrows for the poor chaps we might have attracted. Besides, he considered action on the population
as being the responsibility of the civil administration; if the civil administration was wanting, he would not substitute for it
unless specifically ordered to do so.’ “
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