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Cryptanalysis Made Easy  - Breaking Codes and Ciphers
Cryptanalysis Made Easy
The Art and Science of Solving Codes and Ciphers
© 2008
213 pages, 15 chapters
PLUS 143 additional pages of 5 appendixes
Cryptanalysis Made Easy is an e-book that is a gift to those readers who seek
understanding of cryptanalysis without having to wade through the
jargonized undergrowth of a swampy explanation of
cryptography. In fact, the
jargon that the authors had to employ is only used in a user-friendly manner,
after it has been clearly defined.
Cryptanalysis Made Easy will not only teach
the reader the
basics of cryptanalysis, but will facilitate his learning of even
the most deeply arcane manifestations of the art.
According to
Cryptanalysis Made Easy, cryptanalysis is the art and science
of solving unknown
codes and ciphers. Cryptanalysts try to break the
codes and ciphers
created and used by cryptographers. In other words, the
reader will be learning
how to write and break codes and ciphers. In fact,
the reader of
Cryptanalysis Made Easy will be equipped to take on most of the
world’s known military codes.
Review Table of Contents
“There are two major categories of cryptographic systems, called ciphers and codes. Nearly all military systems fall
into one or the other of these categories or a combination of the two. Cipher systems are those in which the
encryption is carried out on single characters or groups of characters without regard to their meaning. Codes, on the
other hand, are more concerned with meanings than characters. The basic unit of encryption in a code system is a
word or phrase. When a message is encrypted by a code system, code groups primarily replace words and phrases.
Code groups may also replace single characters where necessary, but the substitution for complete words is the key
distinction that separates a code from a cipher. Because of this, the cryptanalytic approaches to codes and ciphers
are quite different from each other.”
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Excerpt from Cryptanalysis Made Easy
Cryptanalysis Made Easy  - Breaking Codes and Ciphers
Long research and great investment of time was necessary to create a
book that would
open up the world of cryptography and cryptanalysis to the reader without making him feel like he
was groping through a mine field in the dark. For those of you who are not used to the tables and numbers so familiar to
code breaker, a good practice for you is crossword and sudoku puzzles. Remember this, if you master the art of
cryptanalysis, you will always be sought after for employment. Both the armed services and the intelligence community
are always looking for men and women who understand that
cryptanalysis is not that hard after all.