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Deadly Snipers, Urban Sniper Tactics
Deadly Snipers
Sniper Lethality & Protection
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201 pages; 21 chapters and 5 appendixes
Most of the world is now part of an urban jungle. Within those urban jungles,
future wars will be fought. Men who understand how to
fight in cities will be
very valuable to any army. The huge terrorist forces that roam the dark
canyons of the
urban jungles are nothing more than prey for the few brave
hunters who pick their way through the rubble. The crack and hiss of their
precision sniper weapons, will be drowned out by the sounds of helicopters,
jets, and explosions going off everywhere. Who will die next in the relentless
war of urban sniper tactics?
Deadly Snipers is a book that focuses upon combat sniper tactics within
urban areas
and methods of evading counter sniper tactics and teams.
Urban terrain in war time is a happy hunting ground for
snipers. There are
many alternate firing positions and a plethora of escape routes and evasion
Deadly Snipers are those snipers who live to fight again and
their experience is important. That is why
snipers must have more than one
way of escaping and evading their pursuers. A
sniper who survives must be
able to capable of evading enemy pursuit, so that he will remain an ever more
deadly sniper.
Review Table of Contents
“Snipers attempting to flee pursuit parties must worry about tracker dogs. When he hears them yelping, the sniper
should realize that a new and dangerous variable has entered the equation.
Tracking dogs must be neutralized.  By scattering a powdered mixture of cocaine and dried blood, along the back
trail (when the dog snorts the mixture, pandemonium begins) a sniper may prolong his life. There are other less
costly mixtures available, but they are not as effective. The point is, the dogs must be neutralized.
Long-range shots against handlers and dogs work even better but the sniper may pinpoint his location in the
process. If a sniper is stupid enough to sacrifice his life rather than kill a tracking dog, he won’t be the first sniper to
pay for such folly. Since it's likely that more teams then one are chasing a sniper and they may have dogs too – he
might have to kill several dogs, if he lives that long.
If for some reason a sniper chooses not to shot a pursuing tracker dog - then the handler might be an appropriate
target. However, the other team members are probably also trained to use the dog and are somewhat familiar with
the specific dog’s personality, and quirks.
The handler and his dog have a special relationship and know each other intimately. When the handler is liquidated
the dog may get confused, especially when someone else is rapidly assigned to manage him. The new handler
might also easier misinterpret the dog and start to build mutual distrust.”
Excerpt from Deadly Snipers
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Deadly Snipers, Sniper Tactics in the Urban Jungle