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German Amry Waffen SS Sniper Stealth Tactics
Death by Precision Fire
The World War 2 German Army Sniper
© 2008
258 pages; 19 chapters and 4 appendixes
In WWII a myth was circulated by the Soviet Army. That myth
was eagerly repeated by left-wing writers for the past 60 years,
and a
movie called “Enemy at the Gates” was recently
produced by Hollywood, which was dedicated exclusively to
the promulgation of that legend.
The legend was that
Soviet Army snipers tactics and stealth were superior
to German Army and Waffen SS snipers
, and had a greater
kill rate.
Death by Precision Fire explodes that myth, and
offers the
true story of German Army and Waffen SS sniper tactics of stealth and precision firing against the
Soviet Army.
The movie, “Enemy at the Gates” depicted German Army sniper tactics and stealth as inferior to the Soviets.
When you read this book, you will see that “Enemy at the Gates” was wrong. The
German Army and Waffen SS sniper
was the best in World War II.
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“Highly accurate professional German Army and Waffen SS sniper units were very effective during World War II.
Their deadly precision fire was legendary. In 1945, for example, the
German Army fielded many units such as
Kampfgruppe, "...Wesler, a company of snipers whose specialist activities and high 'kill' rate had so dominated one
Russian bridgehead on the River Oder that enemy activity on that sector was held in check..."
German snipers were posted everywhere throughout the German combat forces. Up to 22 German snipers were typically
deployed with a German rifle battalion. Each sniper was paired with a marksman from that battalion in a two-man team.”
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