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South Africa book
The Death of Freedom in South Africa
South African Black Racist and Anti-Christian Hate Crimes, 21st Century
© 2008
105 pages; 10 chapters
Since black Africans have taken over South Africa, the African National Congress,
which was held by western leftist media as a party of love, peace and non-discrimination,
has revealed itself to be an old-fashioned Stalinist-Marxist Party of hate. The blacks who
are now running
South Africa have been busily re-distributing South African wealth
from the white people who earned it into the coffers of black gangsters. During the past six
South Africa has become the rape capital of the world, the epicenter of a
HIV/Aids Pandemic, and a sinister place of terror. The black bosses who run
South Africa
have sponsored a program of racist holocaust
against white farmers and have simply
murdered thousands of them to seize their land. Racist hate crimes, murders, rapes, and
every type of criminality now flourishes, in a once modern nation, which is now falling
rapidly into just another black African hell-hole. None of these facts are reported by the
leftist media, because of their policy of constantly promoting black cultural domination
throughout the world. This is your introduction.
“The chanting of "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer" at the funeral of the African National Congress member in Welkom
South Africa who coined the phrase is adding more fuel to the
political fire in South Africa, as attacks on white
farmers continue unabated. The racist-murder, or ethnic cleansing, of Southern Africa's commercial farm communities
by black racist south African blacks has taken the lives of 1,334 white farmers, farm workers and their kin since 1994,
the year the
African National Congress took power. The farmers were killed most often in violent, organized attacks,
always by young African males.
Added to the death toll are 12 white farmers murdered in Zimbabwe and four in Namibia. In 85 percent of the killings,
not one item was stolen from the farms and farmhouses. The objective of the black African killers was simply racist
murder. But since the murderers were black, the world’s leftist press ignored it as they displayed knowing grins of
delight (“payback” some of the “journalists” murmured).
South African President Thabo Mbeki has praised the farm murders of whites "the final stage of the revolution." "
Excerpt from The Death of Freedom in South Africa
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